Monday, 15 December 2008

Runner Profile #7

This has been long overdue already. I am sorry to keep you waiting.

An avid blogger and very active member of the h@ppyFeet mailing list. Wayne is like family to our group. I never thought he was serious about his plan on visiting the country but hey! 3 months later, he did give us a 2 week visit. I'm sure he had a blast with his limited time in the metro.

Weeks before his scheduled arrival I already gave him the invite for the runner profile feature. Once you check his run log you I'm sure you will know why he deserves a run profile feature. :)
You may check his run adventures at : sfrunner

I may not be the best tour guide in town. But I hope Wayne enjoyed our 4 city tour/(permitless)shoot (dodging guards included).

I hope you continue to inspire more people in the sport that we all love. Keep on running.

Thursday, 27 November 2008

Bored...... still lacking sleep.... NEW DO....

Ok I really miss blogging..... and I am still lacking sleep......

Had this short hair for over a month now.... I miss the Goody elastics and I hate putting on hair wax.

no.... I didn't shoot this just for vanity's sake... You'll know why on Saturday 11-29-08.

Wednesday, 26 November 2008

PhotoVendo..... Lack of training and Sleep.... Singapore jitters.....

Believe it or not.... This is us 3 days of lack sleep..... Out of town shoot, then straight to prepping for the UNICEF race. 4 days of lightheadedness is still quite a bliss :) I love my work. I'm sure my team enjoys it too. Thanks guys for making Vendo again a step closer to our goal.

Singapore Marathon is just barely a week from now.... I only had 2 30km runs logged.... not even a substantial amount of mileage for the last 2 months. I don't know... maybe somehow my mind is really ready for a marathon preparation. I guess this is the hardest thing to achieve while preparing for a marathon. I'm crossing my fingers real hard and just praying that I can finish all the 42km of the race. My fiance is coming with me on this trip. I hope she enjoys it too since it's going to be her first time out of the country :)

Wednesday, 5 November 2008

Runner Profile #6: Coach JoAr Calvadorez

I missed blogging..... Heck! I miss shooting for my personal project. The freedom I get in the planning and execution of all the images is very fulfilling. Not to mention that it always makes me think of how to further improve on my shooting techniques. So one Sunday day-off, we planned to shoot Runner Profile #6.

JoAr has been on my list for the longest time already. I was just really waiting for the perfect timing for us to proceed with the project. Well, that timing couldn't be any perfect! We were blessed with perfect shooting weather, no equipment failures, new equipment on-hand and to top it all off Bulalo for our breakfast! :)

I met JoAr when our group(h@ppyFeet) first ordered our uniforms. After resting for a whole month due to my shin splints last year. I met him again during the GK - Adidas 5km run. He ran with me along the whole route. We chatted and tested my breaking point(barfing point). After that, I signed up for recovery training. We spent 3 whole months just trying to figure out a good exercise to keep my cardio up while leaving my injury at bay. Eversince he's been my coach and a good friend.

I hope I didn't take too much of your time on this set coach. :)

Monday, 15 September 2008

Runner Profile #5: Kim O'Connell

A couple of email exchanges and a meeting over a cup of coffee was the only length of time that I've known Ms Kim before this shoot. But it felt like I knew her already for a really long time. And what interested me also was that we share the same 2 passions in life.... running and arts. And I envy her since she can paint and I'm stuck with my light box.

A knee surgery, 5 Marathons and 3 half Marathons later...... Here she is again preparing for another 26.2 miler footrace. I won't divulge her age, as I would definitely get into trouble for sure. :)

It is never too late to start running. Kim ran her first marathon at age 50.

You can have all the excuses in the world, but if your really determined then there's a lot of ways to achieve a goal. :)

Wednesday, 10 September 2008

Nike Human Race, Sportband winners, and other stuff......

First of all, congratulations to the winners of the Nike+ sportsband.

Allyn Go Tian
Shiela Mae Lopez
Vener Roldan
Tiffin Solis
Jessel Basanta

I hope you guys had a good run during the Nike Human Race. :)

Schedules have been crazy.... Deliverables have been delayed.... and blogging had been pushed to the side again. Again as always.... I'm not complaining. I like it this way, busy bee as ever keeps me sane in some way.

The Human Race was a success. Congratulations to Rio for another job well done. And thank you to Nike Philippines for supporting the local running community.

While it was a smooth sailing event for Rio, I on the other hand learned a lot of things from my company's first experience in deploying the PhotoVendo system on a race. We had absolutely no backup plan when we went for the battle and so.... I had to learn things the hard way.

Keeping my promise to the hundreds of participants, free pictures were given and some are still in Nike Park Bonifacio High Street ready for pick up.

The entire PhotoVendo team can't wait for redemption. As we have already planned out a better system (complete with backup plans this time :) and new equipment to boost efficiency during the event. And also to make it to a point that all images can be ready for ordering in just 2 days after the event.
thank you ms allyn for snapping this photo

oh yes! that's me trying to get a good view since we didn't get a pass on top of the building at the background

So here's the whole team... we wanted to protect the identity of one of our teammate.... :P
Watch out for us on the next event!

It's way past my bedtime..... I need to get some rest now. Tomorrow's another training day. :)

Saturday, 16 August 2008

Runner FEATURE: Patrick Concepcion

To say that I am a Running Addict, is truly an understatement when I got to know more about Patrick. He is the runner withe the 15 running shoe pairs per yer. 6 days a week training, with no less than 10km per run. I'm not sure if I can say this out loud but he's been seriously addicted for the past 28years of his life. He's taken running as his shield for all of life's stress. If you want to know more about him please visit his blog RunningShield.

I refuse to make him a part of my runner profile and decided to make a new title just for these series of photos. Hence the Runner FEATURE title.

2 months delayed since I first invited Patrick for the feature. I was finally able to finish all the shoot pegs(storyboard) and was able to get a quick pre-production meeting with him. That afternoon meet was like excitement, nervousness and anxiety all rolled into one feeling. Luckily I got the thumbs up approval and another shoot peg c/0 himself. :)

That day we shot these series, forever changed the way I look up to him. One thing's for sure.... you got my 110% respect Patrick. I hope I can be as dedicated and shall I say addicted as you are. And thank you for trusting me with all the creative freedom in the world.

(all images are based on a true story)

Here's my take on Patrick Concepcion.......

and the list continues. Watch out for the continuation of the runner profile series.

Special thanks to the following who helped us with the production

- to the sweaty men who helped carry all the refrigerators.
- kuya dan for driving, holding the flash, and operating the fog machine.
- manong guard and another employee for cleaning the comfort room.
- Ms Mabu, your presence gave the punch on the bedroom layout. Thank you ma'am.
- Oh! and Patrick for the Cab and Booze after the shoot. Sorry I forgot to say Thank you. :)

Tuesday, 12 August 2008

Nike Human Race - Manila

Ok folks! Here's the official word about the Human Race.

DATE: AUGUST 31, 2008
START 6:00 A.M.
CONTACT NUMBER: 0906 314 3807 / 0918 985 9211 / (02) 3965170

• Log on to
• Register for the Human Race
• Make sure to Register under TEAM PHILIPPINES
o You have the option of making your own team
• Starting August 18,2008 you may sign-up at R.O.X. and claim your race bib for the actual race.




Oh yes! It's the first race that PhotoVendo is sponsoring. We're giving away free Race Finish Picture Souvenirs. :) So what are you waiting for?! Join the Human Race!

Tuesday, 5 August 2008


I have read some early entries already. And WOAHH! I must say... I'm glad I'm not the only one in the world who feels the same way as you do. :)

I have to reiterate and clarify some contest rules though.

This is a PHOTO essay contest. You have to let your images tell the story.


and the list goes on.... your can present any personal running story that you want as long as your PHOTOS tells the story. :)

Again I'm not after the quality of the photos. I'm after the STORY of your PHOTOS.

Go and start shooting, with no DTI permit number..... my promo ends 1 week before the Human Race Commence.

Deadline: August 24, 2008

Keep those stories coming.

Sunday, 3 August 2008

The Human Race....

Ok so NIKE's come up with a bigger version of our little Virtual Run. :)

You too can participate by either running in the 25 cities with the actual race. Or you can opt to register yourself for the virtual race.

:::::::: BUT WAIT...... THERE'S MORE!!!! :::::::::

Our good friends from Nike Philippines together with Top Race Organizer Rio Dela Cruz will be coming out with an actual race where we can all run the 10km distance.

Ok so what's the catch??? In order to log your miles(km) on race day. You need either the Nike SportBand or Nike+iPod kit. Register on Nike's website and just log your run on race day. :) Simple ey!?

:::::::::::::::::: AND, MORE!!!! :::::::::::::::::::::

Nike Philippines is good enough to give away 5 Nike Sport Band Kit to 5 lucky readers.
- shoes not included -

Here's how you can get the nifty runner's kit:

Share with me your running story.
In as short as 5 images, tell me your story.
It doesn't matter if you use a nifty Point and Shoot camera or a Professional Camera. All I'm after is your story, and how you present it. :)

Send your stories to
and please rename the images chronologically.

Saturday, 2 August 2008

Training.... trail race... photography...

Well most of my time now is devoted on either meeting up with clients, prospective clients, or client friends. :P This is what I get for pursuing my dream. (in bold letters read.... I AM NOT COMPLAINING)


Got myself back in good training for 2 weeks now. I got my track sessions going. Well I'm back to square 1 that is. But again, it's all good. My right quad gave up on me the other week when i did a short 100m intervals. All my friends laughed at me while I was sitting my sorry @ss on the corner of the track. I guess I was pushing it too far too soon again.

Got my long run sessions going too. Im back at 1:20hrs steady. And for my afternoon light session I gots myself a new training partner... Thanks Aljo for the good company! :)

Trail race.....

I spent last Sunday in Tagaytay. Coach Joar and I braved the early hours of Sunday with little or no sleep at all just to get to the starting point of TNF's first ever trail race.

Ok so here's my take on that race:

- Finally there's a good trail race in Manila!
- That was a really challenging course. And a very good one!
- Hydration was well taken care of every 3km along the 10km loop. (thanks to RUSH)
- The view was fantastic! (not that I had the time to enjoy it)
- Perfect weather!
- and I saw some boiled sweet potatoes and corn on one of the aid stations. COOL!!!

now here's what could have been done better....

- Race packets should have been distributed days before the race. In our group(happyFeet) we help out with members registration. But raceday bib collection isn't really a good idea. This statement is backed up by more than a year's worth of experience.
- With the first reason came the second bad thing with the race. Please START ON TIME. When I registered I was told to be on site at 3am for bib collection since the race would start at 5am. Guess what time we started????? 6:48am! Good thing the weather cooperated and gave us a really gloomy and cool weather for the entire race.

But then again..... I'm still glad that trail race events will be part of our regular race schedule. It's a very good break from all the road races.


I recently finished a series of sports photos. And it's lined up for a small exhibit. That is if it pushes through. :) (crossing my fingers really hard)
I also got myself a new cam setup. Nostalgic love affair with the large format system adopted to my current DSLR system. Now I'm really having fun with all the table top shoots that I do. Watch out for my soon to be up website. :)thank you REGIE for the photo and CUZI for making me look beautiful :P

Monday, 14 July 2008

Runner Profile: Jomar Paras

He's not the usual serious runner. This friend of mine is the only runner I know who prefers the knee length board shorts as his regular Training and Racing outfit. He also prefers taho rather than your usual PowerGel pre-race boost. Needless to say he's one of the fastest runners in the HappyFeet line-up.

Although he seems different in a lot of things, he surely plays and enjoys the same game. Training secretly (god knows where!). Follows a top secret personalized training plan. And discretely ups the tempo when you're racing beside him, just for thrills.

Here's my take on Joms....