Thursday, 14 June 2007


I have a question????

How do you deal with the NEED to rest and forgo training????? Yes, i did catch a flu this week. I thought it would just go away and I'd have another good week of training. But it didn't go away..... I feel worse today than yesterday. I nearly got into an accident this afternoon driving in EDSA. I hate that phenyl stuff in that cold medicine! It just makes me feel really really sleepy.... and to top it all I had location shoots for the past 2 days already. Let me set the record straight, I'm not complaining about work. I just hate it when i'm sick and i WANT and NEED to deliver a good job. arrrrghhhhhH!!!!!!!! As for training... i'm feeling anxious the past couple of days missing training. I really want to go out and try some of the new stuff I learned from last Sunday's race.

I just wish this would go away before the weekend. I don't want to miss our group's long run training. :(

Tuesday, 12 June 2007

hAlf of mY StoRy....

Waking up at 3am just to make some noodles and hydrate isn't really an easy task for me. The only thing making me do all these stuff is the sheer excitement that of doing the half and knowing my real time for it.

I always set high marks for my self and usually end up really disappointed when i don't reach it. So going for last Sunday's race was a bitter-sweet feeling for me.

I met up with doc Brent at the usual pick-up point. This time i was there on time and well ahead of him. I wasn't late, yippeee! We headed back to my office to fetch Ron, but it turns out he wasn't really feeling good. We arrived at the race start before 5am giving me enough time to warm-up, hydrate again, and check out the competition.... nah.... hehehehe

Some of the things running through my mind at the starting box...

1. I hope I don't rush it for the first half of the course.
2. Will they have enough water stations?????
3. Change of route? sh@t!!!!!
4. Did i pick the right shoes?????
5. Do i look good on my skimpy shorts!?!?! hmmmmmmm......

Well, first sign of a good race is if it starts on time..... Well for Run for Peace! Yeps, they surely did start on time. Well, i think this is the first race I've attended that started on time!

First 2.5km(guesstimate)
I did pace with RC and kept it really easy. I was really surprised when my predicted time of walks did match the water stations. :) I did keep my 30 second walk . And proceeded with the course. I just hate uphill! After a good walk i had to manage a steep incline!

After 2km
I saw a triathlon team pacing with their female member. And i guessed, who would pace better, a triathlete right?! I hitched a ride with them for about 45mins. Lots of pictures taken by one of their members. hehehe and I was in all of them. hahaha This is the time when i really wish i had a camera with me too!

1hour mark....
When we were at the return side of C5 I did pick up my pace a bit and left the relaxed pace of the team. Reaching the next water station i hydrated and gel up for my push to the finish.

the next 45 mins....
I'm still doing my regular walks through the water stations, then picking up my pace again after.

the last 10mins....
Now this ordeal is a different story.... Guys, let me tell you this. You have to know the route in order to prepare yourself for proper pacing. I didn't! so guess what happened.....

When i was nearing the grand stand entrance i picked up my pace again for the final stride. Only to my surprise that I still need to do one loop inside the stadium grounds.... about another 500m!!!!!!!! sh@t! i knew i was in trouble..... I have to thank Joms for pushing me (literally) to the final 200 meters. I clocked in at 1:56:5 2

Now going back to the questions before the race.

1. Thanks to the tri team! I didn't rush in.
2. Down to the dot! They did have enough water, water stations, and volunteer's handing out the water!
3. This is my only gripe. I just hope next time, They wouldn't change the route last minute.
4. I didn't pick the right shoes! I'm glad i didn't have to attend another wake for my toes!
5. I always do! :D hahahahaha

Now I'm off to training again. Next Stop, KOTR Half!

That will give the nExt h@lf of mY StoRy.....