Tuesday, 10 March 2009

thanks.... location work..... and other stuff.....

It's almost 2am now, again I can't sleep. But this time it's because of work. I only logged 1 good run this week. And so far I'm really out of shape. With all the things happening, I just hope I can manage to squeeze in more run time. Since I have registered for the Condura Half already.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank the people who lined up and dropped by our Finisher's photo booth held last RuNew2008 at McKinley Hill. The line was no joke... I guess it is safe to say that even if we didn't have 325Million pesos to give away that day, We had a queue longer than most of the Lotto outlets that Sunday. Again thank you to all those who support www.photovendo.ph

During that race we also launched our advertising materials placed all around the race route.
I'm not an advertising major but I guess teamwork and long hours of brainstorming really pays off. And I'm really proud of what the team had come up. Thanks to everyone, including the new image models of www.photovendo.ph hehehehehe you're the best guys! :)

again we have to protect the identity of one of our teammate :P

Thanks to my 2 sisters, 1 brother in law and Costco's sale....... I finally have a GPS enabled running watch. hehehehe call me old fashion or plain o'l kuripot.... I just couldn't rationalize to myself buying this expensive running gear. So again thank you guys for the gift! :)

ok now back to more field work(literally).....

we got bored shooting other people so here we did a setup of our own
shot done somewhere in the Philippines