Sunday, 3 August 2008

The Human Race....

Ok so NIKE's come up with a bigger version of our little Virtual Run. :)

You too can participate by either running in the 25 cities with the actual race. Or you can opt to register yourself for the virtual race.

:::::::: BUT WAIT...... THERE'S MORE!!!! :::::::::

Our good friends from Nike Philippines together with Top Race Organizer Rio Dela Cruz will be coming out with an actual race where we can all run the 10km distance.

Ok so what's the catch??? In order to log your miles(km) on race day. You need either the Nike SportBand or Nike+iPod kit. Register on Nike's website and just log your run on race day. :) Simple ey!?

:::::::::::::::::: AND, MORE!!!! :::::::::::::::::::::

Nike Philippines is good enough to give away 5 Nike Sport Band Kit to 5 lucky readers.
- shoes not included -

Here's how you can get the nifty runner's kit:

Share with me your running story.
In as short as 5 images, tell me your story.
It doesn't matter if you use a nifty Point and Shoot camera or a Professional Camera. All I'm after is your story, and how you present it. :)

Send your stories to
and please rename the images chronologically.


mae said...

Sir, i'm interested in sharing my story, because i cannot afford to buy one. :-(. i hope my story will can be chosen. :-D. I'll send it through your email. tanx.

Anonymous said...

wicked idea dude! i'm sure tuns of your readers will send their entries. and i'm sure you'll have a blast checking out each one of them!

Big time na blog mo, may free prizes na!


RunWitMe said...

May I participate too? Heheh! For the fun of it. I don't need a sportband. I aleady have one. :)

bEnMChAn said...

Mae: send it in! :)

Joms: papi thank you. Pasalihin mo na mga prendship mo at i know naman mas accurate yung gamit mo. hehehehehe

RunWitMe: By all means, Please do send in your entry. If you win, You can always donate it to someone else. hehehehehe

Omar Cruz said...

ahahaha.. big time! You forced me (a blog lurker) out in the open. Hmm.. I'll send my running story to you this week. When is the last day? Does the story have any limit in terms of length? (nope, I'm not planning to write a lengthy one, just want to be sure)

More power! \m/_

I hope the shoes were included!

sfrunner said...

Ben, though I'm not a big Nike fan anymore, I applaud you, Coach Rio and the staff for putting this event on.

Continued success with the running the stories and the photgraphy work. I'll see you and my running friends there soon!

ross said...

sir, can i send more than one entry? i have tons of fotos from races, there might be more than one story to tell from them - ross