Saturday, 2 August 2008

Training.... trail race... photography...

Well most of my time now is devoted on either meeting up with clients, prospective clients, or client friends. :P This is what I get for pursuing my dream. (in bold letters read.... I AM NOT COMPLAINING)


Got myself back in good training for 2 weeks now. I got my track sessions going. Well I'm back to square 1 that is. But again, it's all good. My right quad gave up on me the other week when i did a short 100m intervals. All my friends laughed at me while I was sitting my sorry @ss on the corner of the track. I guess I was pushing it too far too soon again.

Got my long run sessions going too. Im back at 1:20hrs steady. And for my afternoon light session I gots myself a new training partner... Thanks Aljo for the good company! :)

Trail race.....

I spent last Sunday in Tagaytay. Coach Joar and I braved the early hours of Sunday with little or no sleep at all just to get to the starting point of TNF's first ever trail race.

Ok so here's my take on that race:

- Finally there's a good trail race in Manila!
- That was a really challenging course. And a very good one!
- Hydration was well taken care of every 3km along the 10km loop. (thanks to RUSH)
- The view was fantastic! (not that I had the time to enjoy it)
- Perfect weather!
- and I saw some boiled sweet potatoes and corn on one of the aid stations. COOL!!!

now here's what could have been done better....

- Race packets should have been distributed days before the race. In our group(happyFeet) we help out with members registration. But raceday bib collection isn't really a good idea. This statement is backed up by more than a year's worth of experience.
- With the first reason came the second bad thing with the race. Please START ON TIME. When I registered I was told to be on site at 3am for bib collection since the race would start at 5am. Guess what time we started????? 6:48am! Good thing the weather cooperated and gave us a really gloomy and cool weather for the entire race.

But then again..... I'm still glad that trail race events will be part of our regular race schedule. It's a very good break from all the road races.


I recently finished a series of sports photos. And it's lined up for a small exhibit. That is if it pushes through. :) (crossing my fingers really hard)
I also got myself a new cam setup. Nostalgic love affair with the large format system adopted to my current DSLR system. Now I'm really having fun with all the table top shoots that I do. Watch out for my soon to be up website. :)thank you REGIE for the photo and CUZI for making me look beautiful :P


marga said...

huwaw flawless! ahahaha

chaia said...

Oi mate! b3n!!
Glad your back in running! (of course running is our life d ba? ;-) )
dapat pala kaw ang next runner profile! miss you guys!

Tech Spec said...

Hey ben, tuwing kelan ba kayo tumatakbo ni Aljo sa high street? Baka puwede maki join.

Anonymous said...

aha!!! bkit si aljo lang ang running mate mo sa bhs?!? hmmp... bad ikaw... i wonder kung sino kasama ko everytime i run. maybe my ghost friend.

ronnie said...

Hi...your site is really great! I enjoyed browsing those pictures and reading some of your blogs. Keep it up and use your talent for Gods GLORY!
God bless you!

An Athlete's Story said...

Hey, still running? I may be coming to Manila to visit in-laws and could use some info. I am a trail racer in the Bay Area.