Thursday, 2 August 2007

rUnNing tOgether....

Last night Aug 1, 2007 o.O. and I did a short 5mile run around Legazpi Village Makati. It was a shorty run enough for us to pump up the pace a bit. The only worry that we both had was if we were going to be able to wake up in time for our first VRun at 430am Well.... here goes my very first attempt to document my LSD training with

E-rod :: TBR :: o.O :: HitMe

Even if o.O made rounds in Makati our paths didn't cross this time. :) It's been ages since I've played around with video editing.... so, forgive my ignorance and lack of style. hehehehe


And here's my revised route. Dang! I really should have that 305 with me! hehehehe I lost 1 mile with my revision. :( For a detailed view click here.

Tuesday, 31 July 2007

RW foRum TopiC....

Since I usually do my races topless, I came across this thread featured on RW online.
Click Here

I'm not blessed with a set of rock hard abs... I think all I've got is an AB. :) but aside from the fact that most of the guys I see in races know me already as "bare back ben" (e-rod's idea). Running without my shirt on also makes me run faster. Well there's a huge psychological explanation to all this but the plain and simple one is "I can't run like a wimp when I'm running shirtless" hehehe right!? hmmmm If only I can get my hands on that forerunner HRM. Will I still be considered topless?!

vR rUning partNers !!!

I got an invite from Eric to do a VRun with him and hitme. So how does the VRun work???

The group runs at the same time : Aug 2, 2007 4:30AM Manila Time
and will be doing a 6mi/10km training run.

Our training run will be breaking the space and time continuum as if we are all running on the same street, same pace at the same time. Hey! do I hear Hiro Nakamura talking???? :)

Eric: Orange County, CA Route
HitMe: Quezon City Route
Jaymie: Alabang Treadmill Route
Me: Metro Manila-Makati BCD Route

I hope more blogging-runners join in the fun! :)

For a detailed look at my route click here