Monday, 18 June 2007

a Video Blog!

During our run last Sunday, Smith mentioned a cool video journal to me again. And I was only able to check it out today. Let me introduce you to

Its a video journal done by Matt Taylor, with the participation of the Kimbia Athletes and New Balance as their sponsor. Its a documentary about the Kimbia athletes' training life.

The videos are really cool! And of course the athletes are pure animals when it comes to race day. I haven't been able to finish the whole series so check it out also! and let's drool and be envy at these running gods!

Sunday, 17 June 2007

back on my H@ppyFeet!

After an almost 1 week of of hiatus, I'm really glad that I was able to do a light run today!

6am, 0km marker in Luneta.

I came on time for this training day, well for someone itching to run even under the influence of the phenyl drug I was really eager to train. :)

Thanks to Smith and Zaldy, they made the run feel like a real short one. In short we chatted all the way to the finish. The sun was out and the heat was a real bummer! Good thing i brought in my new toy! I hope the bull runner reads my blog today! hehehehe Miss jaymie, i got my hydration pack!


Thanks to RC and his cousin who brought it all the way from Melrose Ave! The long wait finally paid off. RC dropped it off at my apartment last friday at about 15mins past midnight. I was still sick and high on those d@mn meds and boy did that blue bag made me jump for joy! hehehe Saturday passed and i was still feeling quezzy. I dozed off almost the whole day hoping to recuperate faster.

I woke up at 430am, started sending SMS to every h@ppyFeet on my list. I got only 2 confirmed runners going for the training run. Smith our resident white guy and Zaldy our youngest member.

The pace was constant, the chat was also constant. Smith and I were just hoping that the new guy (zaldy) wasn't cursing us for our slow, very slow pace. hehehehe After 2 hours of running.... and by smith's calculations, we did nearly 20km.