Monday, 14 July 2008

Runner Profile: Jomar Paras

He's not the usual serious runner. This friend of mine is the only runner I know who prefers the knee length board shorts as his regular Training and Racing outfit. He also prefers taho rather than your usual PowerGel pre-race boost. Needless to say he's one of the fastest runners in the HappyFeet line-up.

Although he seems different in a lot of things, he surely plays and enjoys the same game. Training secretly (god knows where!). Follows a top secret personalized training plan. And discretely ups the tempo when you're racing beside him, just for thrills.

Here's my take on Joms....


marga said...

whooooooaaa joms the bamboo man on the loose!

ayan pala ang "secret link" na pinag-uusapan nyo kanina!

dadami na naman ang mga fans ni jomster nyan. way to go star-maker ben! hahaha

Chaia said...

Joms! statue??

b3n! congrats for another photos done! you transformed Joms from mahiyain to super runner? hehe

Joms bakit puro naka sunnies ka all the time? nde mo pinakita ang ung beautiful eyes :p

rorenz said...

nice shorts! haha! :)

anton said...

ganda, Ben! bravo!

Tech Spec said...

Astig! That goes both to the camera shots and the actual runner who's practically flying. :)

Anonymous said...

Thanks again Ben! Yo da man!


banggigay said...

ohhhh! fave ko ang last two shots! pramis!

2nd to the last is sooo joms with that naughty & childish smile!

last one is the action shot, no inhibitions ganyan!

ben congrats!

joms!way to stardom mo na 'to! magkano binyad mo kay ben dito?! or did you make someone lobby to ben to make you a profile!??! hahaha! kidding bruv! u deserve it!


kassy said...

i'd love to have such photo and be such a runner! :P nice.

RunWitMe said...

I love the how the runners are being photographed here. Stunning!

bEnMChAn said...

marga: nagkamali ako at kay joms ko nabanggit yung katagang, pasisikatin kita. hahahaha

chaia: thanks for dropping by.

Renz: Milo Legazpi na ulit. Tara takbo na tayo!

Anton: thanks anton!

Taki: Joms almost got injured doing the 90% sprints hahahahaha

Joms: Your welcome parekoy!

Bangge: Believe me joms deserved it very well.

Kassy: Keep on running! You will be your kind of runner someday. We all dream, it's all up to us whether we do something about it :)

RunWitMe: Ey! nice for you to drop by again. :) I'm glad you appreciate my work.

e-rod said...

ben chan, punta ka dito para pa photoshoot din ako...hahaha

i see you've been busy shooting the happy feet. great job on this and jaymie's and rio's photos too.

jo said...

Hi Ben,
Are you a member of Happy Feet? I'd like to get more information on how to join the group as it seems to be the only active running group around... I would consider myself a beginner/intermediate runner. I'm staying in the Philippines for the next five months and I really don't want to sign up for a gym if all I want to do is run.
Thank you for any info you can give me!

bEnMChAn said...

Ey E-rod! Sure bro!

Jo: drop me an email at so that i could send you an invite from the group.

Anonymous said...

Great shots of a wonderful runner like Joms. You seem to bring out the better side in many runners.