Monday, 15 September 2008

Runner Profile #5: Kim O'Connell

A couple of email exchanges and a meeting over a cup of coffee was the only length of time that I've known Ms Kim before this shoot. But it felt like I knew her already for a really long time. And what interested me also was that we share the same 2 passions in life.... running and arts. And I envy her since she can paint and I'm stuck with my light box.

A knee surgery, 5 Marathons and 3 half Marathons later...... Here she is again preparing for another 26.2 miler footrace. I won't divulge her age, as I would definitely get into trouble for sure. :)

It is never too late to start running. Kim ran her first marathon at age 50.

You can have all the excuses in the world, but if your really determined then there's a lot of ways to achieve a goal. :)