Friday, 25 May 2007

I got lucky!

Since the rainy days have started last week. I've been longing to have a go for a short run in the rain. :) Mom, if you're reading this...... i know.... its baaaad! But i really am excited when im running in the rain. It makes me feel like im 10 again. Well in most days i do act like im 10. hehehe.... Anyway, i finished work early today. In our company's standard..... REALLY EARLY! (i hope my boss doesn't read my blog). I did bring my clothes with me in the office. So i headed out for a short run going to makati. What do you know..... When i went out of the office i saw one of our staff riding the bike. He's going out to get some laundry soap.... well not anymore! hehehehehe I asked him if he was interested in joining me in my run. Lucky me.... i found my pacer! yep! a real fast pacer! We were only on my first 5mins warmup and he's like very eager in using the whole 21 gears of his bike! Considering that i only have 2 SLOW and SLOWER, I had to constantly shout out to bring down the pace a bit. I enjoyed my short 10k run in makati. We went thru both Salcedo and Legazpi Village then back to the office. When we reached Greenbelt 1 the rain poured down! That really got me going..... screw the need for a power song! All you need is someone in a bike! and some gatorade!

Total run time was about 50+ mins... but the pace....... Im really excited for my next speed session! hehehe

Thursday, 24 May 2007

Ronald does my dishes!

I have'nt heard any word from the McDo team for a couple of months now. So when i saw on my schedule that i'll be shooting some new stuff for them, boy! I got really excited about it. Then i saw the layout, it was kinda cool. I even had the usual wierd stuff running in my mind..... "what if Ronald is holding a beer on one hand...." Im pretty sure alot of people will like/hate it at the same time.

The shoot went fine. Good thing we didn't push thru with the first location since it didn't have any airconditioning in it. When the Art Director saw our kitchen studio he just needed some table in the foreground. Then we went on shooting the layout.

First post...

Hello guys.... I'm not really good in writting stuff specially about my boring everyday life. So if you find wrong spelling/grammar please.... just keep it to yourself and don't bother me. :)

I'll be talking more about my 2 passion in life... photography and running. Im an addict for both, earn a living from one and the other burns a hole in my wallet.