Tuesday, 13 May 2008

RunnerProfile:: Jaymie Pizarro (theBullRunner)

If you don't know who the BullRunner is, then you aren't addicted to running as most of the regular visitors here. Regardless if you are a newbie, comeback runner, super addicted runner, schedule lurker, or plainly just a STALKER I'm sure that you are a contributor to the ever growing visitor hits of the theBullRunner's site.

It seems that my mind isn't working on the text part again. Believe me, I have scratched more than 2 dozens of lines already and so I'll just let my takes do the talking.

And in case the weather doesn't cooperate with her training schedule. This is how she rolls......

Sunday, 11 May 2008

Champion Run 2008

Thanks to Rio, again I got another front seat pass on this event. This time I got to see how "VERTEK" roll. It's way pass my bedtime already and I still have another shoot early tomorrow morning. But I just couldn't let this night to pass without uploading this.....

This is just around 2.3km, he's already a good 100m away from the chase pack.
I can't wait to upload the next couple of frames from the race. Please check back tomorrow. Goodnight for now. :)