Wednesday, 12 September 2007

pReping fOr my Next hAlf

Preparing for a race has never been a real easy task for me. I would either under train for it like my previous half and get cramps all over the place or overtrain and get some disturbing aches on my shins. I felt this one since last week, just when I was doing VR#6 LSD. I think it was part of the reason why I failed to complete my training session that day. So it leads me to the question

What are shin splints?

Shin splints is the general name given to pain at the front of the lower leg. Shin splints is not a diagnosis in itself but a description of symptoms of which there could be a number of causes. The most common cause is inflammation of the periostium of the tibia (sheath surrounding the bone). Traction forces occur from the muscles of the lower leg on the periostium.

taken from :

I knew I had them, and when I met an elite runner bud he did confirm that it was shin splints.
He also said that I was doing one of the following:

1. breaking the 10% mileage increase rule
2. using the wrong shush (i hope so, nice excuse for a new one)
3. running on poor form

I just hope I can get enough rest this week along with ice therapy and some Chinese smelling oil helps me recup fast enough for my half marathon this coming weekend. Im getting worries.... I really want to do a flat out 21km run specially on this race. The reason.... My mom will be watching from the sidelines that's why I wanted to do a good race. She has been one of the reasons why I took up running. Back in her days, she used to top the womens 100m/200m and 400 relay during the SCUAA meets.

Right now, I'm currently stuck on my bike doing intervals around Macapagal Ave just to keep up with my cardio needs. I have a training session tonight with my fellow h@ppyFeet members around Makati, I just hope the rain would stop for our training. I might do some stretches I just learned and some light running only.

Good thing there's still 80 days to go till Singapore Marathon. Looks like I may have to slow my pace down a notch in training.

Monday, 10 September 2007

chAsing 4 nEw PR

I learned today that I ran a 43:26 last UP Great Run(thanks chaia for the file). This info came from the official time list of the race organizers. I'm not sure though if it was the downhill that helped me run faster or was it really my current physical state that helped me push my body to a near fainting/really out of breath/ heart thumping run.

After all the fuzz, I did my usual training and added some new things to spice things up. I hoped for a better and faster sunday race again. Even if it was only 2 weeks after setting my UP PR. And so Fil-Mus Run was the day I had to test myself again.


Hmmm.... that's weird, I woke up 5 mins earlier than my alarm clock. Believe me folks, this is really unusual. I sent SMS to everyone and started calling to wake the group up. hehehe Went downstairs grabbed a Gatorade and Powerbar and started watching TV for warm up.


Got all the h@ppyFeet joining the race and we headed off to the race start. Since I live about 3kms away only I knew pretty much where to go for the best parking spot. We arrived at the race start about 20 mins early and started to chat and do some warm ups. Jaymie was looking good specially with her brand spanking new limegreen Creation8!!!!! Perfect color for our soon to be released h@ppyFeet Uniform. tsk tsk... I envy you Miss Jaymie.


Still doing some stretching and light jog. And still feeling weird near my Achilles tendon (both leg). By this time, I was already praying real hard again for a fast and safe race. I relaxed at the back of the whole pack and thought of only one thing..... Discomfort. Yes, this is still a 10km race. And as any racer would be feeling, it'll be a real fast race and you will never feel any comfort so to speak along the way. Geez, is this thing turning me into a great masochist?


Gun start!

:: Race Start ::

I took the innermost lane of Roxas Blvd, took long steady and fast strides. Avoided dozens of chatting, smiling and spitting people along the way. I was back on my newly found breathing rhythm. And just glided my way down to the 0km marker the first turn around point.

:: First Turnaround point ::

I grabbed the first loop tag and a cup of cold water. Sip, spit, sip and drank. That's how i usually do it. hehehe I tried to relax for a few shorter strides and once I passed by Kalaw Ave took another race pace strides. I was still feeling ok at this point. Same huff and puff rhythm and same thought.... discomfort!

:: Second Turnaround point ::

Got the second loop tag and this time I took a 20 second walk. Shook and stretched my legs then got back again. I took a slow restart then build my pace back. By this time I did a time check and it was 18:02 nearing 5km mark. which means I was just right on my target pace. As i passed by the start/finish line I felt a strong urge to throw up. I managed to slow down a notch cause I was sure that I was running way faster than what my body is prepared for. Either it didn't work or It was too late. I tried to hide behind some trees and tried pewking it out. Nothing came out but I surely felt better! hehehe (by the way i'm not bulimic, in case anyone is wondering).

Tried to restart again since I knew I wasted a good 30 seconds back there. Started real slow this time.

:: third turnaround point ::

Took 2 cups of water, Sip, Spit, Sip and spit some more this time. Drank some water and the 2nd cup was for a cold shower. Thank you race organizer for the cold water!

I was able to recup back and tried doing my race pace again. This time I was really conscious of
my breathing and heart rate(no HRM, old school by feel). Surprisingly I was able to do my race pace again for 2 mins then about 30 second shorties for rest.

:: Last turnaround point ::

I felt good and was still passing some people by which only means that I was still capable of going faster, if only I am smart enough to hold on to a realistic pace. :)

I saw a couple of Centaur (orange uniform) runners doing their last 300m strides and went all out along with them. Read an article about this thing and it was said that your body can only do a flat out pace for only 200+ meters. Well goodluck to me. hehehe As I know that it was still way more than 200 meters away from the finish line.

Saw the entrance to the finish line, still doing flat out speed. then saw the race time hitting 42:59 then I tried to jump it! hehehehehehehehehehe

:D I know it was a stupid and pathetic attempt, but hey! I got 43:01:01 on my watch as my new 10km time.

When I race, I know I will feel aches and pains on the right spot. I prepare myself for lots of discomfort. This is the only measure that I did push my body to its limits. We all race for different reasons, I do it to check how fast I can take myself next.
:: h@ppyFeet Team ::
Welcome to our new members!

I love munching Chippy!!!!