Monday, 4 June 2007

Mapping it out!

Im so used to running time-based. This is why i am so wanting to get my hands on that Garmin Forerunner 305! Now, thanks to Doc Brent, i think i might be able to on hold to my moolah a bit longer. Doc Brent suggested that i try this new site

The site helps you out on plotting your running route and gives you the equivalent distance either in miles or km. I tried mapping out our group's usual running route in makati. Oh my god! I thought that we were already doing at least a 5km loop. To my surprise it wasn't even close to 4km! hehehehe It only means that we need to revise our route in order to cover at least 5km in a single loop. :) That my friends is now at the works. I will be plotting usual routes in the metro and will be saving and publishing it here. I just hope that no crazy thief is reading my blog!

Here's the link for our initial running route in makati

here's a good 5km route.

Sunday, 3 June 2007

UP Sisig Training Run

For the past month I have only ran in UP twice. First was with joms, a 15km training run for the succeding week's 15km race. The trees, no diesel fumes, lush greens scenery, and long tarmac stretch makes UP an ideal place to train. Though i liked the place, i didn't like my last race time for the 15km Runnex Run. :( Well at least my love for the place didn't diminish along with my sucky race time.

Early last week one h@ppyFeet suggested that we should head up to UP again for a saturday afternoon training run. Oh! and did i mention sisig feast after????? Came yesterday, only 4 showed up.

Pao (the early riser)
Brent (chick magnet doc)
Joms (official h@ppy Pacer)

Pao and I met up quite early since i was hoping that RC would be trailing along with his bike. It should have been fun doing fast pace running there. Little did i know that I was surely heading for one! (c/o joms). We were able to do about 10k around UP plus another 7km from our early round. But the last 2.5km loop around sunken garden was the best! Thanx to the sugar that i ate before heading for the last 5km! :)

While doing the laps we were thinking about doing a last lap in race pace! well.... Joms did gave us a good race pace! I was holding on to my lunch cause I know that I was surely going to p@ke my guts out after that lap! Good thing I was able to hold on till the starting point! Again thanks joms for that super asteeg finish!

As nelly would say.... after the party there's the after party! Jimmy's place is where we were heading! We actually got lost about 2 or 3 times! But I tell you people..... It was all worth it! 4 super hungy guys with an appetite of Mali(manila zoo's elephant) we were really chowing down real fast! Forget about pacing! The food was gone in a zip! :D The sisig was great! and so was the other 4 dishes! hahaha! you read it right! 5 dish in total! Lots of free rice and a 2 liter coke! Yummy!

Now, why didn't I thought of getting some pictures taken?????? I guess i was thinking too much about the sisig! Next time nalang ang pictures guys! Basta if you are heading towards UP or even katipunan, forget about the other places to eat. Go straight to Mang Jimmy's place! Super sulit! Super sarap! (people: this is not a paid advertisment :D)

Sana UP Sisig run na ulit! :)