Monday, 15 December 2008

Runner Profile #7

This has been long overdue already. I am sorry to keep you waiting.

An avid blogger and very active member of the h@ppyFeet mailing list. Wayne is like family to our group. I never thought he was serious about his plan on visiting the country but hey! 3 months later, he did give us a 2 week visit. I'm sure he had a blast with his limited time in the metro.

Weeks before his scheduled arrival I already gave him the invite for the runner profile feature. Once you check his run log you I'm sure you will know why he deserves a run profile feature. :)
You may check his run adventures at : sfrunner

I may not be the best tour guide in town. But I hope Wayne enjoyed our 4 city tour/(permitless)shoot (dodging guards included).

I hope you continue to inspire more people in the sport that we all love. Keep on running.