Monday, 1 October 2007

batTling thE pAin

Today marks the 6th day of absolutely no running for me. When I finally decided to take the next step in my training by getting a coach, here I am stuck or even taking some step back in my current fitness level. Random thoughts, flashing in my mind, of my finish time increasing by the second. Will I ever recover from this pain that I was st@pid enough to get myself into?

I have been Icing, Resting and Massaging(with some Chinese smelling oil) my shins for the past few days. Doc Brent even gave me some anti-inflammatory meds for it. But I've been a really good patient and only took it on extreme pain day which was last Tuesday.

Lately I have been biking and last Sunday did some 40 minute swimming. I hope to do more of the swim training only if I could find a good lapping pool nearby. Rizal Sports Pool is reserved for the Philippine Swim team at 6am and opens at 8am. So if you know of a good lapping pool near Makati or Manila area which opens at 5am or 6am please leave me a comment.