Wednesday, 5 November 2008

Runner Profile #6: Coach JoAr Calvadorez

I missed blogging..... Heck! I miss shooting for my personal project. The freedom I get in the planning and execution of all the images is very fulfilling. Not to mention that it always makes me think of how to further improve on my shooting techniques. So one Sunday day-off, we planned to shoot Runner Profile #6.

JoAr has been on my list for the longest time already. I was just really waiting for the perfect timing for us to proceed with the project. Well, that timing couldn't be any perfect! We were blessed with perfect shooting weather, no equipment failures, new equipment on-hand and to top it all off Bulalo for our breakfast! :)

I met JoAr when our group(h@ppyFeet) first ordered our uniforms. After resting for a whole month due to my shin splints last year. I met him again during the GK - Adidas 5km run. He ran with me along the whole route. We chatted and tested my breaking point(barfing point). After that, I signed up for recovery training. We spent 3 whole months just trying to figure out a good exercise to keep my cardio up while leaving my injury at bay. Eversince he's been my coach and a good friend.

I hope I didn't take too much of your time on this set coach. :)