Friday, 21 December 2007


Ever since I started training I noticed that my diet also needed a few kicks here and there. As what I learned from the Chasing Kimbia Documentaries and Ka Totoy, I need to add more fruits into my diet. And so I did......

Pre-Workout Snack 4am:
1pc Dole Banana (c/o 7-11 pioneer)

After workout recovery snack 730am:
Pineapple (half) and Watermelon (quarter) (c/o Mang Jun )

Breakfast 9am:
Rice Meal

Lunch 12:30pm:
Rice Meal(light serving), 1pc banana

Afternoon snack 4:30pm:
Rice Meal(light serving)

Dinner 9pm:
Rice Meal, Pineapple (half), Protein shake (if I'm not lazy to prepare)

I try to avoid salty and sweet cravings but always fail. hehehe Thanks to my ever favorite Chippy and any dark chocolates. Coach Jo insists that I need to loose about 10lbs more to get into a good race weight. I'm just not sure if I'll be focused enough to say no to the tasty treats. :)

I'd like to compare notes and see just how much of a pig I am compared to the rest of humanity. Kindly log your diet, I don't mind if you post anonymously :)

Thursday, 20 December 2007

DND Race, h@ppyFeet Xmas Breakfast, Training......

Who thought that we would finally win a podium place on the LAST possible race of the season??? Well apparently Joms, Jaymie and I did win 3rd place on last Sunday's DND-Gintong Pangarap 21km Relay Race.

The race is composed of teams of 3 (2male-1female). Each would run a 7km loop to complete the half marathon distance. For a more detailed race recap visit jaymie's blog.

After the awarding ceremony, Jaymie had to go home for family day. Joms and I headed back to the h@ppyFeet Christmas Breakfast at Dampa-Pasay. Due to my core cramps during the race I opted to skip the free meal after the race. Unlucky me, the food was served 30minutes before lunch. :( I was really hungry by this time, good thing all the chatting and laughing covered up the nausea. hehehehe

All the waiting though was well worth it! When the food arrived, No one dared to chat nor smile. hehehehehe everyone just munched and munched and munched...... Again thank you Mon and Tisha for bringing us there and taking care of the food selection! I have to reiterate.... it was worth the wait! Satisfied with brunch, exchanged gift goodies... we all headed home for a much deserved rest.

I had to skip my usual Monday scheduled training session and opt to just do the usual 5km loop on a really slow pace for recovery. With Coach Jo's permission of course. :)

Tuesday is always a complete REST day for me.

Wednesday was Track Day! Speed Work! Lotsa Fun running circles. I joined the PhilSPADA track team in some of the drills and went on with my workout. This time I was pretty darn consistent with my times. I hope Coach can add some more distance to my workouts. hehehehe I really can't wait for the 400's!

Today, Coach sent me an SMS. My workout, LSD! and I'll be doing it all alone this time. (scary!!!!) Of course for you healthy folks it's just an LSD session..... but for me! That's a real, real, real scary session.... Brings back lots of awfully (literally)painful memories. I went out a bit late this time.

6am ::: turn-around point SM Mall of Asia.
Target time: 60minutes
Workout: LSD 50minutes, 10minutes 10km pace.

I did just that and I couldn't believe my legs! I can! I can run long already! Now if only I can make Coach give me a GO signal for a good 20km run next week.....