Monday, 11 February 2008

UP Rundezvous Feb 10, 2008

This week was a really low mileage, low intensity week for me. No 2 hour training runs, not that much interval training, just a couple of tempo runs at the track and a 1:30 hour LSD. I'm not sure if resting is more beneficial for me this time. But I'm hoping that I'm sticking to coach's plan. Even this week's race was entirely his idea :D

(turn scene pitch black)

The Kenyan runners were there again.

(insert crossfade)

Desamito was also at sight, fearless and almost at rage seeing the imports racing again.

(is this going to be a rematch of last Sunday's race???? I sure do hope so)

(insert crossfade)

I'm holding my stomach while trying to do my warm-up exercises. Hoping for the butterflies to simply go away and just leave me alone. I'm really terrified, Coach signed me up for my first 3km event. I'm not sure which is more terrifying but I'm sure racing 3km and 42km for me is equally scary.

Am I really ready for some speedy stuff???????

I guess there's only one way to find out. :D

The route wasn't as simple as the previous races in UP Diliman but I guess my love and familiarity with the place made me confident about the whole ordeal. I didn't familiarize myself with the route. I just listened to the instructions given at the race start grid "3km: follow the green flags.".

My race strategy is to hold on to my starting pace for as long as possible and just make sure that I leave some left for a good last kick.

(so much more for a gun start. :) they used a whistle this time)

It was another downhill start! Everybody was almost flying and just trying to stay alive and avoid being a road kill was though! This continued up until the oblation statue and the start of the rolling hills donned upon every runner on site.

I kept as close as possible and for as long as possible with the lead pack.(HA! I managed 600m with them only!) It was Gary, Coach and another runner up front. By the first kilometer they were already a good 100m away and I was left with 3 other runners close by. Time to change my plan :D haha! As the saying goes.... Keep your friends close, and your enemies closer. This is exactly what I intended to do. I won't nudge and give up my spot without a good clean fight to the last meter.

Huff and puff!!! My breathing can be heard by millions of Filipinos. And I don't mean them here in the metro.... I mean even the people from Kuwait can hear me breath. I didn't mind at all. As long as I feel that It's within my rhythm stride I'm cool with it. Reaching the last downhill stretch I tried to apply what I learned from the last race. Keep It light and quick on the downhill section and just make sure to be ready for the next uphill or flat! I managed to sneak 3m pass the UP track player who was beside me all the time. I had my sight on the finish line, it was the last 500m stretch. Suddenly my shoulder tensed, my knees won't lift high and my push felt very light. I was overtaken at the last 300m!

Read with me: Mental toughness! I need to train some more on this.

I finished totally wasted and yes barfing(as Joms would correct me) on the sidestreet.

First 3km race: 11:20 minutes and 8th place

(note to tbr) sorry I dumped the camera again this weekend. Excuse the lack of visuals. :(