Tuesday, 17 July 2007

winNing rAce!

I haven't posted in a while.... but I'm really excited on this entry :D

You're probably wondering why the photographer is up on there and this 3 guys getting a snap????

Well folks please allow me to take this (probably the only) time to boast a little..... ok maybe boast alot! :P

This was last sunday's race. e-PLDT fun run at Ortigas Business Center. Good thing Renz, another h@ppyFeet member, gave us the invite for the event.

Since we stayed at the Intercon over the weekend, I didn't have any problems coming in that late for the event. :) But just to make sure that we were registered I did SMS Miss Roselle to register my Sister Pauline, GF Missy, and I for the race, since she was already at the site at 5am!

The race started at around 620am, already very hot, but thanks to the tall buildings around the race route.... we didn't even break that much sweat! We were informed that we were going to make 2 laps on the race course to complete the supposed to be 5k event. But upon doing the first loop, I can say that all of use were really surprised on how small the race route was! It wasn't even 2km long!

But I still managed to pace about 20feet away from the 3 race leaders for the first lap then i managed to squeeze in the 3rd spot about 300meters away from the finish. I felt really surprise that I was running with the lead pack! for a second there i felt that I needed to do a reality check! Well at the last 100meter stretch. I still felt good both on my legs and breathing so I pushed a bit more. Just enough to catch the 2nd runner. By this time Kimbia was running in my mind! The stride, the pace, the moment felt like some of my training was paying off.... :D hehehe

Problem is that i saw the organizers handing out another lap tag for the first runner..... By this time I was confused! Is there another lap???? They wont hand out lap tags if we were going to finish at lap 2 right!?! I slowed down, cause if we were to do another lap then i'll be floored already by halfway doing my current pace.

But all of a sudden the organizers lifted the finish line ribbon and of course I was still about 10 feet away from the first runner... tsk tsk tsk..... grrrrr..... I should have gave it all. But hey! I'm stil 2nd place out of maybe a hundred runners that day. :P (real number = 2 only, that's why i got 2nd place :D)

Miss Roselle ~ Women's 1st place


Jaymie said...

Yeah! Congrats Ben! All that training has finally paid off. 2nd here...maybe 1st in Milo? :)Ja

ren said...

congrats! so what was your time?

e-rod said...

yeah, i thought you got confused there and got in front of the camera instead of behind it. j/k.

congratulations, mr. ben and pass my congrats to ms. roselle too. i didn't know happy feet also had some speedy feet. way to represent--now if only you were wearing the team shirt, ooops, subtle hint for michel:)

bEnMChAn said...

TBR - Thanks! but im sure i'll still be second on Sunday.... Second to the last. hahahahaha!

Ren - The distance was about +-2.5km only, Time was 00:07:20

e-rod - I was laughing while they were shooting. hehehe Surreal feeling i guess....

Yeah and about the Team uniform...... hmmmmm.... where's michelle????? :D