Wednesday, 18 July 2007

rUnNing foR a cAuse!

I stumbled upon Anton's blog again late this afternoon. He had a blog entry about the Run for a Cause (Kythe Foundation). The foundation's vision:

* Implement the Child Life Program in Kythe-affiliate hospitals and institutions
* Advocate for the integration of the Child Life Program in more health care settings.
* Increase awareness on CHILD LIFE PROGRAM through education and research

What caught my attention was the fact they are also in need of help in their Cancer Fund. Children ages 2~11yrs old suffering from different cancer types. To view the specific patient list :

My aunt recently passed away, she too was a cancer patient for more than 2 years. Seeing her suffer, I could only imagine how are these kids fighting? and to top it all, their parent's are also fighting the financial need for the constant hospital and medicine tab.

Anton's idea of donating every kilometer of the Milo Marathon for this cause is an added reason, make it my priority reason for joining in the run.

I hope most of my family and friends are reading this and are willing enough to help out kids in need. I am soliciting contributions for every kilometer of the marathon. All proceeds will be donated to the Kythe Foundation.

Since last month I have been wondering how can I help out, Thank you Anton for this wonderful idea. I know that organizing a run for cancer is way too early for our group to do. This can be my little step.

If you are interested in pledging for the Run - Kythe Cancer Fund please post it in the comment section. Donating any amount per kilometer (total distance 42km) of my run will make a difference for those kids.


I texted almost everyone from my phonelist and someone asked me why? What drove me in doing such a thing. Simple answer... I saw my tita kits succumb to the same disease. We weren't even blood related but our relationship is much more than being blood related. She was one of my mom's bestfriends from High School.

Nearing her last days I saw what this disease can do to anyone. You can be rich or poor, heck even Lance Armstrong's fitness level is no match to the disease! I'm a real wimp when it comes to hospitals that during my visits I couldn't even break a good sentence to my tita. I hope my little step can help or even initiate you guys to also do the same thing. Para with all our little steps we can bring some hope to the patients. I hope answered your question. and thanks in advance for all the help.


e-rod said...

for some reason, my first post didn't seem to go through, so here it is again...

thanks for posting this, ben. seeing the names, ages and the types of disease they're fighting makes this all the more real. you got my support, dude. hopefully 50php/kilometer will help towards the cause.

hey, kick the living daylights out of those cramps. have a strong run at milo!!!

bEnMChAn said...

thanks for the support e-rod!

Now that there's more meaning and reason for my run. I surely will be zooming throughout the whole 42km!


Chaia said...

50Php from me as well :)

bEnMChAn said...


my mom: P50/km
my dad: P50/km

bEnMChAn said...


Tuny (tonton) : NZ$1/km

bEnMChAn said...


karen: 154php/km

Tuny said...

Go run Forrest.. este Ben, run! $1 a KM.. $NZ ha, hehe.

See you December.