Tuesday, 17 July 2007

weEknight training rUn....

My sister was here for the weekend, and I had to work last Saturday. Yes, I missed my long training run last weekend. I posted some invite on the group's mailing list yesterday and SMS some of the usual running buds. But turn's out it was only RC and I that was going for the night run. I planned for a longer route, so I brought my car back home first then started my run from there. It added a good 3k to the mileage.

I arrived 10 minutes late in Salcedo Park and good thing RC was already there.

We did the usual start of the route.
Salcedo Park out to Paseo de Roxas
then Makati Ave.
This time around we made a left at Ayala Ave
over the EDSA foot bridge and thru McKinley Ave.
McKinley Ave is a good route thanks to the constant uphill and downhill areas.

It took us about 20 minutes to get to Serendra-B Street. And guess where we did our pit stop..... Krispie Kreme!!!!!!!! The group isn't called h@ppyFeet for nothing right!? We run for fun! and Krispie Kreme is FUN! :)

One Original Glazed please! and we had another for free! 2 for the road! :P

Going back the route, I was burping Krispie Kreme all the way.... :) We used the same route and clocked in at about 1:17:00. Plus the 15mins from my house. It was definitely a really good training night :)


ren said...

i don't think krispy kreme (donuts) and running mix very well, hehe! but since you guys are the h@ppyFeet, I guess you have a very valid excuse =)

e-rod said...

looking at your and rc's expressions, it looks like you two might be enjoying excess amounts of sugar coated endorphins :)

now that sounds like a fun training run.

bEnMChAn said...

by my very scientific calculations..... it is ok to grab 1 pc mid way a run. But like what we did last monday.... 2pcs.... its kind of heavy on the tummy already... and the sugar rush kicked in nearly at the end of our run. :)

I forgot to mention.... Thank you michelle for the idea. :) She was thinking of doing this thing while on a race though. hehehehehe