Wednesday, 18 July 2007

Milo Marathon Metro Manila Elimination 2007

Today is supposed to be my last day of training for the up coming full Marathon on Sunday July 22 2007. I have my race packet and my singlet already last weekend. Problem is that there weren't any race route included in the packet. hmmmmmm..... Will this be another surprise for me on sunday????

Well I had a good rest yesterday and the plan is to take it a bit easy tonight. Probably another 10km krispie kreme loop. :D Well it looks like more h@ppyFeet members are joining our run tonight. Joms is joining cause he's doubting my early rising capabilities during race day. hehehe After a fresh race win, Roselle will be joining us tonight also. We also have a new member Chaia, still not registered for the race on sunday though. :)

I hope everything goes well tonight..... rain.... rain.... go away....

While I'm on the subject, I remember last December's Milo Finals. The race start was lightly drenched and the weather cooperated around halfway through the race. Now I wonder what will happen on sunday???? If its raining then there's another worry for me...... blisters!

Looks like I'm already being paranoid.... The excitement is just overwhelming me right now. While my Fears are still bugging me... I might need to do some yoga or other sport psychology thingy. :)

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