Monday, 28 May 2007

10,500ft and ways to freeze your n@ts

It wasn't really a nice looking saturday 5-26-07 early morning sun. We went to an undisclosed location (signed a confi waiver) for our almost half day flight. Packed with all the CF cards, 2 canon mark2 bodies and a nikon set for myself. My boss... lets call him Jose... was briefing our pilot his "flight plan" for the trip. And i was on the other side of the room chit chatting with the video guy i went with some past projects ago. :) All is well and cleared. Chopper is filled with A1 aviation fuel enough for a 5 hour flight. I then helped the 2 production staff in wearing their double lanyard full-body harness. So why the full-body harness you ask??? Cause we were going to fly hmmmm... 10,000++ ft with open canopy doors and to make the situation worse the client needed a top angle. :D

Good thing the Chopper Mech did some minor customizing and was able to make more room inside by taking out some of the back rest. Well spending some 30++ mins at 4000++ cruising altitude was ok. but upon reaching our destination the chopper was climbing really fast. Just by the mere popping sound in my ears i know we were really climbing high for this shoot. Then came the time when they opened the door! and that first cold air whipped thru my fingers! No Sh@T!!!!!!! its freezing cold!!!!!!!! and guess what????? We had to stay at that altitude for the rest of the shoot. :( I saw the video guy's hand shaking wildly! :D I can't imagine what the client is going to see in his footage?!?! hehehehehe (no offense mate!) and then came the constant dripping(literally) of mucus in all of our nose! hehehehehe I know its wierd but the extreme change in temperature really was taking toll on all of us! Specially them! hahahahahaha good thing i was protected by the pilots cabin. Only my hands suffered in the bitter cold cause i had to constantly hold the freaking GPS unit for Jose to see and shoot for waypoint reference!

Anyway.... i did enjoy my first 10500ft aerial flight and my longest aerial shoot ever! 5+ hours airborne!



e-rod said...

Cool shirt, Ben. Maybe I'll earn one of those next spring.


bEnMChAn said...

hahaha eric you can get them online for 30 buckaroons! hahahahahaha just kidding mate!

You should join LAM2008! I hope i can go back there and redeem myself! I still need to prove that i can do a sub 5 at least! :)