Wednesday, 30 May 2007

Late Delivery!

Its exactly 64 days after my trip to the US today. I was really all excited since it was my first time after all. hehehe Travelling outside the country for me always leaves a huge hole in my pocket since is like buying either photo equipment or hobby stuff. Well for my US trip, it was more of my running goodies. hehehe. Thanks to my sachie(third older sister) and to my discovery of COSTCO!!!!! hahahahaha That place is huge! hehehe and lots of snacks! You could practically get full there by just taste testing all the stuff that their promo guys are cooking. Well that's if you are that thick faced! hahahaha.... Well aside from the usual choco goodies, I found that they sell POWERBARS at a really cheap price! 19bucks to be exact! thats not bad! since its 24pcs a box right! Well i got about 4 boxes that day from COSTCO. Plus 2 boxes of PowerGel and some GU from the LAM trade show. My bag was practically full just from my goodies! hehehehe.... Well i ended up leaving most of the stuff with my sister. They promised me that they would include it in their balikbayan box for my parents. Well today, this came in from our friendly freight service from the south luzon! Oh and my sister bought the Pria she tought I was on a strict diet kasi. hehehe j/k sorry for the phone cam shot and lousy photoshop work. :)


e-rod said...

hey ben, you're gonna look sexy from those prias.

costco, omg...why didn't i think of getting my powerbars there? no need to be embarassed about trying all those freebies--it's a cheap way of carbo loading :) speaking of big, i should try doing my laps inside costco next time.

bEnMChAn said...

yup! i've been munching down Prias since january.
With no change in my vitals! bwahahaha!

Get it there! or if you can get it cheaper somewhere else then don't forget to drop me an email. hehehe

Jaymie said...


Did you check the balikbayan box well? Maybe there was a garmin underneath the prias? :)

bEnMChAn said...

hmmmmp... i checked it 3 times! wala talaga. My sister said its because i didn't send $250 for them to buy the thingy. :D