Friday, 25 May 2007

I got lucky!

Since the rainy days have started last week. I've been longing to have a go for a short run in the rain. :) Mom, if you're reading this...... i know.... its baaaad! But i really am excited when im running in the rain. It makes me feel like im 10 again. Well in most days i do act like im 10. hehehe.... Anyway, i finished work early today. In our company's standard..... REALLY EARLY! (i hope my boss doesn't read my blog). I did bring my clothes with me in the office. So i headed out for a short run going to makati. What do you know..... When i went out of the office i saw one of our staff riding the bike. He's going out to get some laundry soap.... well not anymore! hehehehehe I asked him if he was interested in joining me in my run. Lucky me.... i found my pacer! yep! a real fast pacer! We were only on my first 5mins warmup and he's like very eager in using the whole 21 gears of his bike! Considering that i only have 2 SLOW and SLOWER, I had to constantly shout out to bring down the pace a bit. I enjoyed my short 10k run in makati. We went thru both Salcedo and Legazpi Village then back to the office. When we reached Greenbelt 1 the rain poured down! That really got me going..... screw the need for a power song! All you need is someone in a bike! and some gatorade!

Total run time was about 50+ mins... but the pace....... Im really excited for my next speed session! hehehe


Jaymie said...

Haven't tried running in the rain yet, but I have a feeling I will soon with the rainy season upon us. Wow, I can't imagine pacing with a bike! Keep that up and you'll be winning the races :)

bEnMChAn said...

ey how did you find me????? :) I hope i can do it again sometime this week.

e-rod said...

Running in tropical rain is so much fun. Yeah, like you, I feel like a little 10 y.o. again when I do. Keep up the training with the pacer on the bike :)