Tuesday, 29 May 2007

Meet Pao!

RC was in our office yesterday for an interview. So i mentioned if he was interested in a short run. Well he always is, kaso nga lang parating nang iindyan! hehehe The good thing was that he needed to bring me back some stuff which i needed for my shoot today. :) So i just said that i'd get it from him after our run. hahahaha

About 630pm I read some replies from h@ppy and i saw this one post and invite for a 415AM run!!!!! 415AM! This new guy(Pao) is tough! I mean real tough! I don't know if any of the h@ppyFeet members are excited to run at 415AM! Well, Leo and mon might... pero most of us.... nah..... everyone's either an afternoon person or plain old sleepyheads like me! hehehe

And so gave him an invite also for our not so early run! at 8pm hehehe and guess what? He was interested. After some SMS we were all at the usual makati short run meeting place SALCEDO PARK. :) yep! This place has become an official h@ppyFeet makati short run meeting place! :)

Sadly we were only able to do 1 loop covering

Salcedo Park
out to Paseo De Roxas
then right to Makati Ave
crossed Ayala Ave then
Legazpi Street
back to Paseo de roxas
then Left at Dela rosa back to Salcedo park.

by my very scientific calculations....... i bet we did about 5kish or less. hehehehehe The run was ok, Pace was good thanx to RC and Pao.


e-rod said...

Yo, Ben...you gotta share it with everyone that you have blog. I just found it right now through Jaymie's site. Looking forward to reading more of it and seeing more of your photos.

4:15am?!? That guy Pao must be nuts. Is it that hot in Manila that he has to run that early? :)

e-rod said...

Hey, Ben. I linked you from my blog too. Hope you don't mind.

bEnMChAn said...

:) I just started to do this stuff eric, and i'm still not sure if im doing and writing the right things. hehehe Yep i don't mind if you do link my blog.

I learned that Pao doesn't want the smell of car fumes at around 5am and school hasn't started yet that's why he can wake up at 4!!!!! hehehehe While the rest of us, still needs some energy reserves for the rest of the working day. :)

Jaymie said...

I'm a morning person too so I doubt if i'll ever make it to your evening short runs. Maybe pao and I will get along. :)

bEnMChAn said...

oh my god! at 415!?!?!?! hirap nun noh.... will you be able to join us for saturday UP run???