Tuesday, 22 April 2008

RunnerProfile:: Rio Dela Cruz

A young entrepreneur Rio Dela Cruz is now a part of the select few people who can organize a kick@ss footrace in the metro. Handling personal coaching duties, Coaching the UP track team, a new line of running apparel business, and organizing races is a hefty responsibility. But not for Rio, his schedule keeps him busy as a worker bee.

I've known him for over a year now and that signature afro look and speedy running is really hard to forget. After a couple of races Mon and I tried to look for a uniform supplier. We got Rio to do our uniforms and the rest is history.

Don't forget to visit his brand spankin new website RUNRIO

I won't keep you waiting, here's my take on Rio.


marga said...


WOW. that jumping shot is stellar ben! i've never seen rio this way and it's really super!

(see. my eloquence just failed me)

banggigay said...

woah! lupit ng cuts ni rio! nakaka-L!

as in nkakalaway! hahaha!

galing ben! see?! gifts like that should not be contained within the four walls of a hamster world. :-) your freedom did you well! ;)

Marga said...

banggi, nakakabading ang cuts ni rio! hindi lang ako makapagsalita kay ben kanina hehehehe :p

Jaymie said...

Ben, woooah. I'm speechless. Galing mo!

This will catapult Coach Rio to crush-ng-running-bayan fame...especially the first pic! haha

runrio said...

ehem ehem ehem... mukhang itong si ben pinapasikat ako ah!!! ang gaganda ng kuha mo!!! Pamatay! pati ako muntil ma-L e!! mara, banggigay and jamie maraming salamat sa comments!


chaia said...

Gra! ang galing! :D

lam mo dapat pinapakita mo sa mga sports brands ;-) nde ba endorser si Rio ng Nike? :D what if Nike gets you ben as their photog!! woot woot! kaching kaching kaching $$$$

Millicent said...

Ben, again, its more than just "vivid" =)

wen said...

this is my first time on your site and i must say this.. wow you're one hell of a photographer! galing! all of your photos on the different runner's profile are awesome! i think you should have a separate link on your blog featuring all the runners that you've profiled and maybe eventually compile this into a book with tips/stuff about running. anyway, galing mo!

Anonymous said...

nice nice nice!! astig!