Sunday, 13 April 2008

GK Bayani Run April 13, 2008

After 3 weeks of almost no proper training, crazy 3 hour hillclimb run, short speed runs. I managed to up the ante and switched race numbers with a friend(absolutely not advisable).

After 6 months of racing exclusively for the 5km event, I managed to finally join the 10km event today. Since JoAr was automatically registered for the 10km event, I had a good excuse of just beating myself up on the race.

Summer Time! The sun is usually up by the time the gun start fires. It's fun! But when the route takes you straight in front of the strong shine and glare it ain't fun anymore.

One things that's hard to control is the pace burst at gun start. 5km lap time registered a new PR. It was only at the last quarter of the race where I finally had a hard time pushing and maintaining my race pace. It took me a staggering 11:50minutes for the entire last 2.5km.

A mere 400m away from the finish line I had to barf and did this while I was still running. I can't stop! Not now that I'm this close to finishing the race. I continued on the pace and just hoped for the best. When I suddenly heard a trailing runner trying to overtake me at the last 300m.

"This is my race!"

Change of Stride
Pulled some momentum from my arm swing (thanks for all those speed training Jo!)

I was able to maintain my place and Finished at a disappointing 42.03minutes.

Reminder to self: Racing without training isn't fun!


Jaymie said...

3 weeks w/o training? How could this happen photographer ben?! I guess you've been pretty busy with work eh?

3 mins off your PR. That's still fine considering it's your 1st 10k in months. You'll do better next time. :)

banggigay said...

10K at 42mins?? not fun?! i'd drop anything to have that PR! hahaah! but dontchaworry, as you put it...ILANG ARAW NA LANG!!! :-)

bEnMChAn said...

tbr: yep 3 weeks of improper training. work sched plus the stress of my first ever resignation. :)

It was 3minutes off my intended PR nonetheless it was still 1 minute faster than my last 10km PR.

Bangers: yebah! today is the day!

Watch out folks! here comes ben.