Sunday, 27 April 2008

Boston 2008

This is the oldest Marathon distance footrace. And it's safe to say that every runner dreams of participating in this race. Just to be able to qualify for the race is already a feat on it's own. For my age category I need a IAFF certified Marathon Race finish of no more than 3:10:59. :(

Anyway here's a video I found in YouTube for the women's finish. Another great racing moment. Great Last Kick and Mental toughness for both athletes.

This time it was Russian vs Ethiopian race.


Marga said...

bro, with your tenacity and determination i am so sure that you'll be able to race at boston one of these days. :)

caloyb said...

aaahhh, boston...

i don't think there is ever any serious runner who haven't dreamed of running this marathon.

kaso nga, hanggang dream lang marami sa atin. :-)

Tech Spec said...

Thanks for the post. This was really an amazing video.