Friday, 1 February 2008

Core Workout

video linked from

Just want to share these set of very useful exercises for your core. You do need to strengthen it for a better running form specially when you are getting tired already.

Give it a try!


rorenz said...

ayos! i remember my first one sa ultra. hahaha! nginig! pucha ang hirap! goodluck nalang sa mga susubok! :)

Jaymie said...

Hey thanks for this. I was planning on bringing the Feb issue of RW with me to the gym since I had a difficult time imagining how they're actually pala my video!

joyskie said...

hi ben, thanks sa ride.... pahingi copy pictures... and tag kita sa blog ko.... may run clinic ba dito? i need tips and training! bwahaha

banggigay said...

ang hirap ben! grabe! di ito biro! yung bird dog lang nagawa ko! but i'll keep on trying! more of this ok? :-)

bEnMChAn said...


When you are watching it, it looks so effortless. Pero mind you, there will be muscles that you have no idea that were there. And yes, they will hurt!

Goodluck everyone! and Don't forget to have fun while doing it. :)

mark said...

Hey, thanks for this. Saw your link from Bald Runner. I don't know if I should be proud to say that I can easily do all the workouts. Maybe its because of my slipped disc operation way back in 93. My core had to be strengthened especially my abs due to my weaker lower back muscles at that time. Low tech pa nun, they cut my muscles at the back to get to the disc.

If you guys get the chance, try out the inverter machine or inversion table at Shangrila Level 4, Life Fitness ata name ng shop. They also have one showroom at the parking level of Rockwell. It really stretches you as you're upside down ala batman and Bruce Lee. It also gives the perfect opportunity for a good core workout. Yan secret ko... thanks honey for the xmas gift.