Wednesday, 30 January 2008

Another Mileage Week.....

Finally! After getting a good 5km time finish last Sunday, I'm now back in training.

January 29, 2008 Tuesday

After a day of absolutely no running, I was really excited to do some light but longer duration run for the day. My initial plan was to use my previous route which will take me to Buendia Ave all the way to Fort Bonifacio and back using McKinley Ave and Ayala Ave.


I did some light stretching outside my apartment and to my surprise..... A couple of Mon's(h@ppyFeet) "Senior" friends Rudy and Jimmy from 101 Runners passed by my place on route for their usual morning run. Rudy gladly invited me to join them. Ey! new friends! and long run? Perfect Combination! I was depending on their pace the whole time and I was really intrigued and at the same time very amused by the choice and creativity of their route. The route took us to a total of 8 uphill ramps, Century Hotel, CCP, Sofitel and the old Manila Theater. :) I really have to hand it to them, training is all about preparation for the worst, and this definitely will train you for the steep inclines of some road races here in the metro.

We headed towards MOA's bayside boundary and took the 6km stretch at still the same pace that we started. By the time we were on our way back home, we went through Vito Cruz and I was pacing them this time. I did up the tempo a bit just enough to give a good stretch in the hams. I was checking if the tandem was doing ok with the new pace and they were stuck at my back with no problem at all. Shesh! this guys may be old but they sure do kick some fast pace @ss! :) Thanks for the company Rudy and Jimmy! I hope to see and run with you soon again!

This will definitely count as a good LSD session.

January 30, 2008 Wednesday

Coach prompted me last Sunday to be rest and be prepared for a new and tougher workout today.

Menu for the day:

a very simple single set 4 repetition interval

1600m (oh so close to my sub 6min target!)

It may be 1 set only but I puked by the 3nd interval. And again after the last interval.

This time I was wearing my trainers, No spikie spikes!

Tomorrow's going to be just another Hill Day!

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rorenz said...

grabe ka na! grabe! sama ako minsan! hehe.