Tuesday, 15 January 2008

Goodbye! Goodluck! PHILSPADA TEAM!

I have been training in Pasig Ultra Track for almost 3 months now. In those 12 weeks I have known the regular folks there.... Senior Citizens brisk walking while talking about politics, High School track teams doing their workouts along side with the usual UP and JRU track team. And there are the regular folks just wanting to stay fit or loose some weight.

Coincidentally the Philippine Sports Association for the Differently Abled (PHILSPADA) team started their training, for the South East Asian Games in Thailand, the same time as I did. They were my training day classmates. By 5am they are already at the usual hangout corner at the track, some still catching a snooze while others are just chatting while waiting for either Coach Buen or the light of the sky to arrive first. :) By the time I'm already doing my workouts they are just starting their warm-up routine. I'm not really sure how long they train but they do train twice a day. Once you are with them you won't even ask what their disabilities are.... You will only be amazed at their abilities.

Let me show you what our typical morning training looks like.....

note::: If by any chance you are from any other countries in the South East Asian Region (Thailand, Singapore, Vietnam, Laos, Malaysia......) ...... BE AFRAID.... BE VERY VERY AFRAID......

- That's Andy, our bet for the High Jump and Long Jump Event -

- New shoes! Care of the Philippine Sports Commision -

- The 3 coach, Trying to check if the thrower's chair can be modified for the athlete on the left -

- "parang building yan kid, di ka makakaabot sa 5th floor hanggat di ka dumaan sa madaming hagdan... easy lang at aabot ka rin sa mga pangarap mo"

- she's no athlete.... but she's there everyday supporting her husband (previous photo, guy on top left)-
-waiting for their turn, time trials-

-our 4x100m relay team, andrew, ryan, pacaldo, delbert-

-stretching before warm-up-
- Coach Joel-

- just another beautiful day, keeping the long jump sand box soft-

Today is their last training day. They will be leaving for Thailand tomorrow morning. Ok I have to admit..... I'm a bit sad that their going. But at the same time happy cause I know for a fact that these guys will be kicking some serious @ss on the track! :) GO TEAM PHILIPPINES!!!!

Oh and did I mention that the JRU team trains there... It just so happens that she's the head coach. :) Madam Elma Muros - the heptathlon queen. I managed to be thick-faced enough today to ask for a picture with her. She laughed at me and even directed the shot to be front lit. hahahahahaha


TRF said...

Nice pictures bro!, They're really kickass athletes. goodluck to the PHILSPADA Team!

Anonymous said...

nice inspiring pictures(not to mention that they were taken so professionally--- is photography an interest or more than?)!!!
nice to know another bikolano(though am your typical fil-canadian , I still consider my bikol roots big time! especially Saint Agnes Academy in Legaspi which I attended for a long while.
have fun training.


Tech Spec said...

Hi Ben. You got very very inspiring story here. I hope the best for them as they compete in Thailand.

Jaymie said...

Awesome pics, Ben. These are people who didn't allow disabilities or any other obstacles to get in the way of their goals. Galing. Good luck to the team!

rick said...

Now I really regret not making it to the Pasig Ultra track while I was there. I was in Manila for a few days and a friend was supposed to take me but she drank too much the night before:)

I missed out on seeing some really great athletes but at least I was able to do a little catch up with your post and pictures.

bEnMChAn said...

trf: tukayo!? nice of you to drop by.

venice: hmmmm.... what year were you in SAA???? :) I spent my pre&gradeschool years there.

Taki: Crossing my fingers real tight now. I hope everyone gets a medal. It's sad lang that they don't get the same amount of incentives as the abled athletes.

Jaymie: That's right! Kaya if they can..... we can too! all we need is a bit more hard work. oh! and tons of workouts! hehehehehe

Rick: I'm glad I was given the chance to document them while training.

Anonymous said...

HS 1984. Most probably, my batch is way ahead of you.


kassy said...

im envious and jealous of all these kwentos! i hope i'll be able to gain my endurance, resistance, stamina and loose no breath with much spunk for a good 5k or whatever distance.

;) caught you from marga's blog. its so nice knowing there's a runners club in manila.

shux, ive yet to lose the weight i gained and everything i lost from being sick and the medicine.

gawd. im so envious. hahaha i hope i can be like you guys in no time!

Tech Spec said...

Yeah.. sayang lang if they aren't paid much attention. They deserve better incentives and they really give pride to our nation.

Sana a run could be organized for their benefit.