Tuesday, 22 January 2008

Full Swing Training.....

Sunday January 20, 2008

Just before the sun was about to rise, met up with Joms(h@ppyFeet) at the corner of Buendia and Macapagal Ave.

Training for the day......... Long Slow Distance (LSD).
Duration........ 1:30hrs

The route that I had planned was simple. 1 loop along the whole Macapagal Ave(11km) stretch then add another loop at the bayside of SM Mall of Asia(7km++).
We headed out on a relatively easy pace...... Flashes of the Metro Manila Milo Eliminations last year was all that I can remember. I miss the beauty of having a training partner with you on an LSD day. Before we know it 53mins and 10kms had already passed.

The next 30 minutes part was the heavy and faster pace part...... well..... let's skip the details of that part. The important thing is that we finished the whole workout with tons of stories and laughter along the way. We may have skipped Subic Marathon 2008, but hey! We had fun.

Tuesday January 22, 2008

I woke up early today. Had the usual stuff prepared and just before I head out for my usual 30minute bike ride to the track. It RAINED!

Coach arrived as I was doing my first warm-up lap. He uttered "5 laps".

hmmmmmmm.......... I wonder why 5 laps only????? I was getting nervous since it was 2 and a half short of my usual warm-up routine. Drills came and I was still clueless of my workout for the day..........

I couldn't take it any more......
" uhummmmm! "
"coach! ano tayo ngayon??????"

he answered......

By this time, my jaw dropped, my lungs collapsed, and my b@lls shrunk in fear!
"tsk tsk tsk...... Me and my big mouth!"

Ok, don't panic... it's just 10 100's, 5 200's or 2 1/2 400's........ I can do this. Just remember to take the first lap relaxed, whisk through the second lap and just (gulp!) hold on for the last 200. "Right..... Right..... I can do this!"

Then the arithmetic kicked in....... 1:30 1st lap, 1:30 2nd lap, and 0:45 last 200. Since this was my target time for my race pace. I knew that I had to step it up a notch for my workout. But I know that I can't hold on to a 3:30 pace for too long.

Coach Jo:

1st lap:
Arm swing, check!
Stride length, check!
Stride rate, check!

2nd lap:
"When is it going to end????????"

after 200m
"last 400! last 400! last 400!"

Last 200m

Last 100m
(BLACK) (eyes closed already)

This went on for 5 reps with 600m active recovery jog. While doing this jog I was just looking up the sky and appreciating it's already blue color........... Truth is, I was just trying to avoid looking down and puking. :)

After that workout, I can say 1000's are really hard but it sure is satisfying finishing and hitting your target time. I just hope I can hold on to the pace on race day.


banggigay said...

haaaay! kaya pala ala ka sa subic! looked for you e.

Mark P. said...

Ben - Inggit ako sa iyo. I am sure you will do sub 20 very soon.

LSD muna ako.

Jaymie said...

Close to an hour? Is that your longest run since the injury? Galing! Congrats ben. I'm happy for you.

As for the speed workouts, phew. I felt like vomiting too while reading about it haha.

bEnMChAn said...

bangge: sorry, had to skip it in favor of my training. :( sayang nga, dami kaenjoy enjoy na pangyayari daw. :)

mark: more training for us! i also need to concentrate on my mileage and LSD's too! Can't seem to sustain the speed for a long period of time kasi.

Jaymie: :) Already did a 2hour long run session during the holiday break, and now am back to 1:30~1:20 range. I'm really taking my time this time. Don't want to reinjure myself again.