Sunday, 13 January 2008

Clark Marathon 2008

mY 4th FAILED attempt in breaking 20minutes in the 5km event.

The weather was perfect. Training was ok. Rest was also enough.
I guess it's just not my time yet. I guess I'm not ready enough.

Unofficial race time: 21:12.06

"The record will be broken, I just don't know when...." -haile gebraselasie

Will skip Subic on Sunday, and just prepare for the PSE BullRun on the 27th.


Anonymous said...

hi there,
I guess your time is not that bad at all! By the way, the sight of the halohalo from your previous post look so familiar and more so the taste of it. I remember I had the first taste of the real McCoy almost eleven years ago when I was at Tiwi. You're right-nothing woiuld really beat it!
I linked to your blog from bull runner's site. So you are from Bicol? I myself is quasi-Bikolano.
anyway, have fun running.

Marga said...

hey take it easy ben. :) that time's not bad at all. in fact that's really fast.

what's it about the 20 min per 5k thing? my dad's been dying to beat his 20:34 in the 5k event himself!

Clark Marathon 2008 said...

Hi Ben!

Your official time is 21:10 with a pace of 4:14.

Hope to see you in the 2009 Clark International Marathon.

bEnMChAn said...

Venice: 100% purebred Bicolano here! I was born and raised in Legazpi, Albay. I just transfered in Manila when I went to college.

Marga: getting a 4:15 pace is easy. but that sub 4min pace is the real deal! That's one of my target for the year. To run at 3:30 race pace and still manage a smile for the finishline pic.

Mr Clark Marathon: Thanks for the official time! Yup will definitely comeback next year. Hopefully on the 10km event.

Mark P said...

Ben - I am sure your Coach will get you ready for the sub 20. It does not happen overnight and it usually involves a lot of painful speedwork.

Good luck Mark

Jaymie said...

Is it good to count how many failed attempts you've had? Forget those. Just keep on trying and stay positive. You'll get there in time. Maybe you'll break your PR at the Bull Run. Swerte daw kasi yung mga bulls?! :)

rick said...

Since I've never broken 22, 21 already seems pretty fast to me. Good luck in breaking 20.

bEnMChAn said...

Mark: I know.... It's just that I'm really impatient. :) hhehehehe Little steps... little steps....

Jaymie: I think it's still important to count how many times I failed... That way, I will be reminded to appreciate every little gain I can manage to get.

Thanks rick!