Wednesday, 9 January 2008

New Year's Resolution

Ok so everyone's already made their list.... I hope I can accomplish the following:

1. Stick to my training plan. - no more extra training runs
2. Stay in bed and rest when there's a shin pain from a hard workout.
3. Up my current 40km weekly mileage.
4. Learn how to conquer that last 2km pain on every race.
5. Follow the 10% increment rule in training. :)

Goals for the year:

Get that sub 20minute 5km PR
Join and break my 40minute 10km PR
Do a 3:30 Marathon


Anonymous said...

3:30 marathon! Now that's a target! You'd have to cut off an entire hour from your last PR. Just continue with the hard work an I'm sure the Patron Saint of Running will bless you.

-The Patron Saint of Running-
------lurker mode-------

Jaymie said...

With your training, you'll definitely reach your goals this year, Ben! Best of luck to you. And yes wag na matigas ang ulo natin kapag injured! :)

bEnMChAn said...

yup! I need to take an entire hour off my current Marathon PR. That is why I'm not taking a risk in joining the first quarter races. :) looking for a good race by the end of the year.

Jaymie: ehem.... learned my lesson well and swell. :)

Marga said...

Sus, Ben, with your mad skillzzz kayang-kaya mo yan. Just head those warning signs. :)

Was looking for you after the Clark Marathon kanina! Where were you? :)