Monday, 10 December 2007

Yakult 10m/5km run

Yesterday's race was pure bliss.

There... in just one sentence, that is how I would describe what transpired yesterday. I wasn't able to break my 5km PR but hey not every race is a PR race right!?

A good student follows the rules.

- warm up 30mins before the race.
-keep warm
-and start at the front row :)

I did just that and to my amazement, I was starting at the front row at gun start and kept in place for the first 500m. :) at least I was able to hold it for that long. I then eased up a bit on my pace but still maintained a good form. That was my target for this race. I needed to constantly check my arm swing, stride, and make sure that I lift my legs well and keep my back straight.

The same problem that I encountered last race continued to haunt me. I still lack the cardio capacity to maintain my 1st 3km pace all the way to the finish. I clocked in a really good 9mins at the turn-around point. Which gave the needed boost. But just as I thought that could go all the way. It happened! I was gasping for air terribly. I could hear myself breath really hard by the 3km mark.

"why now!? why?!"

That's all I can think of right there. I tried to ease up some more just to make sure that I recover enough for a good last 500m push. I ended up finishing at 21:52. almost 25secs off my 5km PR.

I really need more and longer long runs. I just wish that my body can take the beating. I'm quite happy with my bursts of speed already. Thanks to the new found love for the track! I guess the workouts payed off after all. :)

Now back to training.


Jaymie said...

Sheesh 9 mins at turnaround point. Bilis mo! Di ka na maabot!

bEnMChAn said...

hahaha I just wish I could sustain that time for another 2.5km!