Monday, 10 December 2007

SEA Games 2007

Eduardo Buenavista 2:27:21 BRONZE MEDAL!!!!!!

Jho Ann Banayag 2:43:33 BRONZE MEDAL!!!!!!

The Philippine's best didn't fail to bring home a medal. Congratulations to our runners! and other athletes competing in the South Eeast Asian Games 2008 in Thailand.

~taken from PDI dated 12-10-07


Jaymie said...

Wow galing! I wish we watched them run.

Coming up next...TEAM INJURED FAST RUNNERS...1st place! hehehe

Tech Spec said...

Wow! How I wished I could run as fast as them.

I'm proud they got the medal.

bEnMChAn said...

Jaymie: can't wait narin for sunday's race. :) sayang nga, I can't get the sched for the NBN telecast of the athletics event.

taki: you are not alone mate, I wish I could fly narin.