Wednesday, 28 November 2007

New Route.........


"Good Morning Mr. Chan! This is your wake up call."

I think I did set it a bit too early! It's still dark outside. However I can smell the fresh provincial scent of the streets, the already cool November breeze......

Got down at about 5:30am already..... I did my usual stretching routine and walked for my warm up. I have totally no idea where to go. The front desk at the hotel didn't really have an idea where its good to run. They however assured me that its way safer here than it is back in Manila. :)

Since she was the 4th person who told me that detail since I arrived here, I think I got pass the scared stage and now on my way to just the concerned stage. And besides I can't skip training today. I need the mileage.

Coach Jo sent me an SMS. The day calls for a good 40 minute 80% run. Too bad though, I couldn't find any hill nearby.

Realization for the start of the day..... I was really in the province! At 5:30am there were only a few people outside and just as many tricycle doing rounds at the plaza. I took off at a really easy pace. Trying to just feel every stride and push off. It felt good! After a quick check on my watch 7 minutes had already pass. I increased my pace, still focusing on every stride.

I ran on a 2 lane concrete provincial road. I think I was heading towards the container yard area. There were a few uphill sections but were really short and mild. So I turned up the pace a bit more and tried the usual follow the bike in front. :) I guess the local thought I was sneaking at his back so he instantly gained speed on the slight downhill section.... Oh well, time to bring down the pace a bit. I passed by a couple of heavily armed army checkpoints as well.

After 21 minutes, I headed back to the same direction. I guess I lacked in the preparation for the route. I should have asked more people where it was best to go. I was really hoping I'd be able to see those fisherfolks carrying huge tunas on their shoulder. :) I guess I was kind of disappointed. But at least I was able to carry on my training.

I stopped by the plaza for some strider session. I found that they closed about 150m of the road right in front of the city hall. It was still early enough for me not to be noticed that much by the employees so I made it into my own striders track. :) After a few reps a cool down walk around the plaza and it was again time to hit the core! :)

General Santos City isn't that scary. I think it was just all this bad media hype that got me really concerned about the security of the place.


caloyb said...

nice to hear you enjoyed your gensan run.

you're really right there, ben. much of the bad image of mindanao is just media hype. it seems the only news that's good about our part of the country for the big newspaper/tv guys in manila is the war, the bombings, etc. it really is pretty much safe in soccsksargen which includes not only gensan but also our province of north cotabato.

btw, i guess you would see those fisherman carrying tuna at the fish landing area at the beach fronting the public market. but i think that's on the other side of the city, not on the side going to the container docks.:)

bEnMChAn said...

i think the 100m strider dash I did in front of the city hall made my day there.

I hope i can have another shoot in davao para naman I can meet you. Up for a run???? :D

caloyb said...

okay by me... just inform me in advance and i'll meet you there. much better if it would be on a weekend.:)

banggigay said...

oh wooow! a run in gensan?! you seem to be coping well with your injury man! tara, hook me up to you coach. i'm using btw a different #, let's chat in ym, k? :-)

bEnMChAn said...

bangge: I thought you already met up with coach jo??? I'm doing an easy/hard training principle na. :) hard week last week and easy week this week. seems to work well naman. sana tuloy tuloy na to.

Tech Spec said...

Hey Ben,

If you have time I could show you a really good 8KM route at the Fort area. If I could remember correctly there will be 5 long uphills plus 3 of them are 40 degree bridges. But of course, you have to slow down a bit to follow my slow pace.