Tuesday, 16 October 2007

A trip to the DOC....... finally!

I managed to gather all my courage and face the hard reality of my still aching left shin. I gave the doc a visit today and exposed two 11x14's profile of my lower left leg..... Just the thought of knowing the results tomorrow is working like a quick and really strong dose of java to me right now. My fingers are still crossed.


Tuny said...

Syet, katakot. I've had shin splints before pero not that bad.. then again I've never had shin splints before because I ran 42K, hehehe.

bEnMChAn said...

Ton: yup kakatakot talaga. I couldn't sleep well the day they took my xray. I was praying real hard that there won't be any fracture. Thank God there wasn't any. :)

I'm still on rehab. Shet mas nakakatakot toh! Not because of the session but because of the cost. hehehehehehehehehe