Tuesday, 23 October 2007

A Taste of Something Old & Something New....

Recovery is still slow, and I'm still loosing my sanity every day that pass without my training runs. I have skipped yet another race/event last Sunday and as much as I am very eager in participating in a race. I'm counting again money invested on therapy, I guess this is the only reason that is holding me back on doing anything crazy with my recovery.

Another week had pass without any training runs, Read this>>>> 0 miles. But I have logged about 100kms of bike sessions the whole week. I have to admit, biking is a totally different experience for me. I'm still perfecting my shifting timing and proper pacing(rpm). The only thing that makes me smile after each sessions is the feeling of my Heart Rate. And I still feel nauseous when I overdo it. :)

To spice things up and hopefully bring some smile and a lot of sweat I tried a new kind of training session today.

No, I didn't try to cross my neighbor's backyard. And NO, I didn't bonk doing a 30km++ LSD. I read in a triathlon training article that triathletes sometimes train back2back discipline sessions like, swim/run or bike/run. This kind of training is called a "brick" session.

I gave it a shot today, I did 1 hour of moderate intensity bike session and as if I went through a transition area(my apartment) I was back out in the metro again for another 20mins of light run. I didn't feel weird about the sudden change of activity but I noticed that I was running a bit more strict in my form. My back was practically straight the whole time. :) and each foot landing was checked and rechecked. The pain is still noticeable but very much manageable. And take note, I'm not on pain meds anymore. Yipeee!!!!!

My run route today took me back to were I started my training runs. that 20minute session was still the same. From my apartment, through Quirino Ave and then Roxas Ave ending at the Pedro Gil intersection. It's a lousy +- 2.5km route but hey! It's were I started and It's were I'm going to start my training again. :) I really don't like to overdo it, and so I am just planning on doing 2 more 20 minute sessions this week and hopefully join the 5km event this Saturday, if I'm still pain free.


Jaymie said...

My kuya will be lending me his mountain bike soon. I hope we can do a brick session soon...well maybe after I get the hang of biking :) Triathlon tayo next year? Tara!

bEnMChAn said...

cool! that's the plan.... next year's TRAP beginner's triathlon in Alabang.

Marga said...

Count me in too, Jaymie and Ben!

Teka Jaymie, anong size ng MTB mo? I hope the frame's swak with your build/height. It's crucial din kasi. Sayo siguro dapat mga 13-14.