Wednesday, 10 October 2007

slow Recovery.....

Crisp white sand beaches, relaxing sound of the waves ashore, and an endless supply of drinks and food galore.... El Nido.

If only I can swim a whopping 10 miles from where I was imagining that place. :( I have been stuck in the middle of the sea for 6 whole days of work... work... work... Ok here's my disclaimer again, I AM NOT COMPLAINING. The food was great, the people were nice, and the assignment was a bit challenging so I did enjoy it a bit.

As I am still recuperating from my shin splints, I knew that I had to take steps in making sure that I can continue my cross training activities and by this week do some light running already. Got a new running injury gear before I left manila. It's a shin compression sleeve :P

- I just look really cool on those orange coverall :P -

This is what kept me sane for 6 days in a 3 floor 300sq/mt living quarters. Well I did most of my cardio-heartbreak workouts on the bike and did some light 3km and 5km runs on the treadmill. Then I tried to push for 10km last Sunday, so far so good no additional pain. I can manage to do some more light running with only a very mild and manageable discomfort.


Chaia is back in town. The usual h@ppyFeet present in our regular training runs around Makati planned on a quick bite after the training. Unlucky me, I still had to go back to my apartment, I forgot to bring my shorts. And so I decided to start my workout from my apartment giving me another 3km of mileage to my workout. Was also able to meet up with our uniform supplier. Great news! Final design was approved and downpayment was already made (thanks Bangge!). I can't wait for the first race in November where we can debut our brand spanking new h@ppyFeet uniform.

I met up with Renz at about 6am we planned to do some track work today, but it turned out that the track was exclusive for Philippine Team Practice and Senior Citizens only. hmmmmp.... So then just decided to run around Ultra Sports Arena and took advantage of the uphill/downhill terrain. Was another good 40minute workout for me. I still didn't push my legs that far since I'm still hoping on a good race next Sunday. :)


Marga said...

san kayo nagmimeet for the happy feet makati run? gusto kong sumama :)

banggigay said...

hahahah! muntik na ko mainggit sa intro mo! hahaha!