Monday, 20 August 2007

Run for Ariel.......

I woke up late again for yesterday's race. Well, not that late actually. It was about 10mins to 6am when I was running around my apartment trying to grab every single item that I need for the days planned run. Race belt, a couple of gatorade, powerbar, and extra clothes (thanks to Totoy's
tips). The worse part of it all was that I was supposed to pick up a fellow h@ppyFeet member(Roselle) from Makati. and since it was late already she already took the cab to the event . :( I am really so sorry Miss Roselle.

I arrived at the race start while the other runners where doing their pre-race warm up exercises. just good 5 minutes before race start. So again, I skipped my warm up exercise. Then I met Miss Lala, not a h@ppyFeet member, but a regular racer and a real fast one too! :) She was in some sort of educational hiatus, that's why she wasn't able to join races for a couple of months already. If you're reading this, Welcome back and i hate to say this but I think we're going to eat more dust again again.

So now back to the race....

I knelled down and reached for my shoe lace since it loose, when all of a sudden i heard the starting gun fire! <<<>>> and off everyone goes! Ok, I was still trying to tie my left shoe by this time. It didn't matter. I know that I can catch up since it was pretty much just a short 5km race. Well, wrong! This was a though one! Just exiting the Villamor compound it was already a good very mild incline. Then crossing the SLEX flyover was a real pain! Even the next 4~5 succeeding hills were really though.

First time check, 15 minutes into the race.

I was surprised when I saw my watch at 15:00 and I was still on route to the only turn around point. hmmmmm.... was I going that slow, panting caused by the difficult hills???? Well, I knew by then that this wasn't just a 5km course! Nonetheless, It's still a good one!

Turn around point....

I was still feeling strong taking only some shorter strides for recup and going back into race pace even before recovery. :) I guess all that rest all week payed off mentally. At least now I am prepared already for the route. Knowing where and anticipating the upcoming hills and descents I was able to pace better. I didn't however push myself entirely since I was still saving some energy for the planned run after the race. hehehe I clocked in at 28:25 @ 7km.

It was really nice to know that there were commercial sponsors who helped out this event and that there where a good number of racers who showed up and registered for this event. I hope that we all have helped Ariel in our own little way. It was also good to know that even members of the h@ppyFeet that was not able to join the race still registered and owed Mon(our financier) some registration money hehehehe.

Oh! and we have 4 members bagging awards again! TBR, Chaia, Roselle, Tisha! Wow! I think this is something that you guys can get used too right!? hehehe Congratulations to all the placers again and kick some more @ss next sunday in UP!

After the race I was already panicking cause I'm already late and someone blocked my parking space! ARRRGHHHH!!!!!!! Good thing ka Totoy was kind enough to back out his car and let me pass through. and I was off to my next adventure. :)

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'Running Diva' said...

Nice blog you have Ben. Haven't updated mine yet. Enjoyed reading your posts. Don't worry about not able to pick me as agreed. :) You're forgiven, kiddo!