Monday, 13 August 2007

oN My WaY to SCSM07!

I have officially registered for the 42km event Standard Chartered Singapore Marathon 2007. I was able to still catch the S$55 early bird registration fee. Ok, so I'm not fully committed to this whole marathon thing. This will be my 3rd marathon and my first time in Singapore. I am actually scared of the heat. I know for a fact that the weather there is just as hot as in Manila. And the race will start at 530am. I was really hoping for an earlier start so that we can take advantage of the longer nights and cooler December breeze.

So for now, I guess my training will definitely switch to Marathon Training. I attended the Mizuno Running clinic last Thursday and I did ask the coach, my same old problem... How do I take care of my cramps???? and he did give me a very good answer. "Train some more. Cramps is caused by lack of training", let me repeat that..... LACK OF TRAINING. I'm glad that I still have 3 more months to prepare. Oh and I'm hoping that I'd be able to prepare for it mentally too! That last 7km of pain is something that I really need to prepare for.

I did bring the topic up to my running buddies, trying to get more people to join in since Singapore isn't that far and that the race is professionally prepared, it'll be a really good race to join and experience the 42km race specially for first time marathoners. Surprisingly, one of our running friend joined in and will be zooming through the Singapore streets also in December. Ka Totoy, a Direct Link runner and Mon's friend also registered for the 42km event.

Ok, I guess I have some more running to do.


e-rod said...

i'm sure you'll kick some butt at sing marathon. more training? was that all you needed to take care of the cramps? i guess we'll just have to make sure you keep coming out to our virtual training runs.

Jaymie said...

Oooh exciting! Can you forget about PR on that day and just take photos every step of the way? hehe

So you'll have to train against cramps and prepare for the heat eh? Maybe your virtual run should extend to around 8am? :)

banggigay said...

woooow! ben, excited na ko for you! if only i can run more than 10k, count me in as your company! too bad i cant. but hey, we can cheer you on the sidelines...hmmmm!

Running Freeman said...


Pre kita kits na lang tyo sa dec. 2

bEnMChAn said...

E-rod: yup! more training daw. I am sticking up to all the VR sessions that we're doing. And im making it as my LSD session.

TBR: I will surely take all the pix that i can. :) I can't make my VR sessions extend though. I might just start earlier and meet up with you guys along the way. :)

Bangi: dapat sali ka na! there's a 5km/10km/21km event din. its only S$75 so registration is really cheap! plus the flights are way cheap din! tara na!

running freeman: Ayt! will see you there on Dec 2. :)

Flip said...

good luck, i'll also be joining the 42k with a pinay friend based there. go pinas! =)