Thursday, 23 August 2007

reCovEry MeAl

Ok so i'm still at the office shooting. Tonight is a no running night. I'm sticking to the plan, which is to rest and indulge in whatever I can chow down. Hey, I'm not after the super thin physique of the elite runners. And this is definitely one of the perks of running, eating whatever I can.
Oh and I made a promise to myself that I'd enjoy eating while I still can, cause when the big 3 - 0 comes. I'm going to have to put the bingeing aside and going organic... nah! hehehe

Going back to this afternoon. I'm still working and shooting FOOD! :) Lots a bread! And they came up with my favorite kind... monggo(mung bean) bread.....

Yup! That's a half empty pack and its the second pack already. hehehehe I was munching on this thing practically the whole day already. Any takers on the other stuff behind???? :D

Mung Bead is rich in protein and the bread has a good doze of carbs... Ok, I'm definitely rationalizing on this binge. :D


e-rod said...

yah, big 3-0. that's really old.

you know what? you may have a point there. beans are rich in protein so i'm going to make monggo bread as my new recovery meal.

bEnMChAn said...

erod: Here's some virtual monggo bread for you eric! ciao... i mean chow! :D