Monday, 13 August 2007

QC Media Run

Carpool at quarter before 5am. Good thing all my running mates lived near Buendia Ave. First stop, Mon and John. Then Chaia and Renz. Last but not the least Miss Roselle at the corner of Ayala Ave. Good thing we were all sexy enough to fit in the car. :) Mon was certainly concerned about that fact. Having everyone around did make the trip a quick one.

We arrived at the Quezon Memorial Circle about quarter past 5am. Got our race packets and the race organizer Miss Mary Anne Ringor of Runnex Running Club gave our group some free snack stubs. Thanks Miss Mary Anne!

The race route was simple. Run around the QC Circle 5x for 10km and 3x for the 6km event. Although it was a simple looping route it had a generous amount of incline to it. Race gun was fired at exactly 6:15am.

Just right after my first loop, I had a bad twitchy feeling on my right foot. My guess was that I had incorrectly landed my foot while I was doing my shorty loop last Saturday. I was seriously thinking of taking this race slower than usual or just doing a DNF. Guess what I did? I ran like there was no tomorrow. :) clocking in at 47:45 (take note the course was 9.2km only). All I think of was finishing strong and that my right foot was still intact after the race.

After the race we collected our loot bags (cool race sponsors!), snacks and more snacks! Aside from our free snack stub, They also had another snack counter near the stage! And another booth gave free Vit C (c/o Berroca) and another booth served some chilling Iced Tea! Cool ey!?

Came the awarding ceremony. Chaia and Tricia grabbed 3rd and 4th place on the 6km event! Whew!!!!! This has been Tricia's second race only and she's grabbing all the awards! Congrats Miss Tricia! Oh and since Chaia got a podium finish for this race, I guess she was in a really good mood that she payed for the group's breakfast!!! :)
On the men's category, John Ting(using RC's Race number) grabbed 8th place for the 6km event. And Ka Totoy grabbed 6th place for the 10km event.

mon, john, roselle, joms, chaia, renz, ka totoy


o.O said...

salamat pagregister at sa pagsundo't hatid! salamat sa free food! salamat din sa pag-iwan sakin sa race! hahahaha.

someday.. hihi.

e-rod said...

did they make you the driver because you're the speedster in the group. sounds like a fun run. wow, chaia treated again. what a generous runner.

congrats to all especially our podium finishers.

Jaymie said...

Hey congrats to everyone! Go happy feet!

Taga sundo ka naman pala eh. Next time there's a QC race (which is unfamiliar territory for me) can I convoy? :)

'Running Diva' said...

Ben damo gid nga salamat sa tanan and for the nice shots. Haven't updated my blog yet but I will in due time. :) Iba na buhay e. Hectic!