Thursday, 24 May 2007

Ronald does my dishes!

I have'nt heard any word from the McDo team for a couple of months now. So when i saw on my schedule that i'll be shooting some new stuff for them, boy! I got really excited about it. Then i saw the layout, it was kinda cool. I even had the usual wierd stuff running in my mind..... "what if Ronald is holding a beer on one hand...." Im pretty sure alot of people will like/hate it at the same time.

The shoot went fine. Good thing we didn't push thru with the first location since it didn't have any airconditioning in it. When the Art Director saw our kitchen studio he just needed some table in the foreground. Then we went on shooting the layout.


Jaymie said...

Hey ben,

Kilala mo pala si Ronald! Invite mo to run with us sometime :)

bEnMChAn said...

I did! kaso it seems that he's been trying to look for size 24 trainers with no luck. :P