Wednesday, 10 September 2008

Nike Human Race, Sportband winners, and other stuff......

First of all, congratulations to the winners of the Nike+ sportsband.

Allyn Go Tian
Shiela Mae Lopez
Vener Roldan
Tiffin Solis
Jessel Basanta

I hope you guys had a good run during the Nike Human Race. :)

Schedules have been crazy.... Deliverables have been delayed.... and blogging had been pushed to the side again. Again as always.... I'm not complaining. I like it this way, busy bee as ever keeps me sane in some way.

The Human Race was a success. Congratulations to Rio for another job well done. And thank you to Nike Philippines for supporting the local running community.

While it was a smooth sailing event for Rio, I on the other hand learned a lot of things from my company's first experience in deploying the PhotoVendo system on a race. We had absolutely no backup plan when we went for the battle and so.... I had to learn things the hard way.

Keeping my promise to the hundreds of participants, free pictures were given and some are still in Nike Park Bonifacio High Street ready for pick up.

The entire PhotoVendo team can't wait for redemption. As we have already planned out a better system (complete with backup plans this time :) and new equipment to boost efficiency during the event. And also to make it to a point that all images can be ready for ordering in just 2 days after the event.
thank you ms allyn for snapping this photo

oh yes! that's me trying to get a good view since we didn't get a pass on top of the building at the background

So here's the whole team... we wanted to protect the identity of one of our teammate.... :P
Watch out for us on the next event!

It's way past my bedtime..... I need to get some rest now. Tomorrow's another training day. :)


run unlimited said...

hey ben,

congratulations, great job man. you have the best team in you, for sure it will be a success. i got the best shot from you, sana marami pang kasunod. thanks again for the sports band and the pic.

more power,
vener - rununltd.

Bro J said...

hi ben,
you did your best and that's good enough for all of us. No harm done! Thanks for my picture, i got it at the Nike BHS. Galing! captured yung pagod ko upon reaching the finish line, hahaha. Hope to see the rest of the photos para maka order na. BTW, we saw you last sunday at UPD together with coach rio. Thanks again and Congratulations to you and your team. God bless!

RunningShield said...

Ben, inspite of the little problems here and there your group still did a fantastic job. First of a kind in the Philippines and nobody can take that away from you. Congratulations. we want more more pictures !!!!!! thank you

gemini said...

ei ben,

thank you so much for the nike+sportband...i was able to join the race. Hehe...(and also for replacing the defective one. :-)
your team did a good job! congratulations...

see you on the road...

sheilah mae

allyn said...

hello ben,
i am glad you liked the "stolen shot" hehehe...
thank you for the sportsband ... i was able to join the nike race.
too bad, though,the replacement still defective.
it is a good thing that caoch rio oragnized the whole event well to also record finishing times. just imagine if we solely relied on the nike plus band, right ?
lastly, i am so sure your group would be very successful in your future ventures !