Thursday, 8 November 2007


I stumbled upon hitme's blog and noticed that no one seems to be doing the VR's anymore.... I thought all the while that everybody was still doing it but forgets to post or at least say hi to the other VR runners.

Well today, I did it again... This time I'm not pounding the metro roads, nor am I doing my usual almost suicidal counterflow runs through Makati and Kalayaan overpass.
I woke up at 3:45am, prepared my usual gear. Did my usual morning rituals.... 4:30am I'd be heading out on the street for a good 30 minute warm-up bike to Pasig.

Destination: Ultra Oval Track.

I would be at the track by around 5am and do my workout. The only thing that's new this time is that it takes more time for me to do my warm-up, stretching and cool-down this time. :) I'm now starting to be smart on my training and runs. No more unscheduled runs, nor the usual double suicidal long runs.... Well I still haven't done any so.... I guess I'm still craving for it. The only thing that didn't change is that I still end my VR at 7am. Does it count as a long run????? :D

How did you do your VR today???


caloyb said...

thursday's run was an 8k for me. and i started late - 5:00 am. btw, there's this virtual memorial run in honor of ryan shay who died while racing in the us olympic marathon trials in nyc ( saturday is usually a rest day, but i think i'll join this virtual memorial run with my own 5.5 mile.

bEnMChAn said...

hey caloy! when are you dropping by manila for a good ol run with the group????

There are still a couple more races coming up.

Sadly I wasn't able to join this Vrun last sat.