Monday, 24 September 2007

a mOrninG with Kythe

I am happy to announce to you all that we have finally turned over the collected funds for the Milo-Kythe foundation run. Anton suggested that we do the hospital visit last Saturday
September 22.

We met up at Caltex Buendia-Pasong Tamo at around 8:30am. We were visiting the AFP V Luna Hospital at East Avenue Quezon City. Upon reaching the hospital, security is a bit tight so we had to name drop Kythe's full time nurse at the hospital, Tita Aida.

We then met up with Tita Aida and Ninin another Kythe Volunteer. Nothing ceremonious, we turned over the funds got the receipts and we just planned on staying for a while with the kids.
But to our surprise there was a planned activity that day for all the kids. Another charitable group was doing some painting activity. "Wow! Painting!" Even I got all excited. I learned the several painting pieces are in fact connected and would display a bigger picture. :) Cool one ey!
During all this activity I noticed a very familiar figure by the huge window..... I blinked twice or maybe even more and still checked if it was really him. It is him! The former president of the Republic of the Philippines Fidel V. Ramos. This was another treat! Not only did we get to turn over the funds, meet the kids, enjoy some painting time with them, we also got to meet and get some souvenir photos with FVR. (ok anton, you have got to send me those pictures)

To all the family and friends that supported me on this fund raising activity Thank you very much.
Tito Lugie | Eric | Karen | Maritess | Mon | Chaia
Tonton | Papa&Mama

As I have stated in my first post regarding this activity, No matter how big or small the amount is... If we all contribute something, collectively it'll be a big amount. At this early stage, I would like to invite you for next year's race. This year we only had 3 runners Anton, Jaymie and I plus the TNF supported 100km runners. Hopefully next year more of your guys would join in and help us Race Funds. :D

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