Friday, 28 September 2007

Mizuno Running Clinic


God d@mn Traffic!


I went out of the office thinking that it was early enough for me to fetch Renz and be able to get to the Mizuno Run on time. Well Thursday night traffic in Makati is just terrible. I was stuck in the same place for like 20mins. I even sent Renz and SMS saying that he should walk and take a motorcycle ride going to the place just for him to get there and be able to join the run. Well I guess luck wasn't really on my side last night.

I was able to arrive at the Mizuno Bonifacio High Street Branch at around 7:35pm already. It actually took me an hour and half just to get to Fort Bonifacio! WT........ anyway, I tried to stick around and look for the usual faces, Jaymie, Renz and some of the fast elite runners. I bumped into Marga, another TBR's regular reader.

Ok I learned my lesson well last night. I'll bring my bike going to the Mizuno Run next time. that'll save me an hour for sure. :) I hope you could come and join their Running Clinics every other Thursday. The next one is set on

October 11, 2007 7:00pm.

- tbr and marga -


marga said...

ben!!!!!!! hahahaha i'm waiting for jaymie to upload our "threesome" photo where you had my head at the palm of your hand.

btw sorry can't make it this sunday. i've decided to head to pampanga tomorrow and train there with the most brutal coach of all -- MY DAD. hahaha

bEnMChAn said...

Its ok Miss Marga, next time nalang sama ka. :)

rorenz said...

ako tatakbo na from office! race pace? bike vs run? hehehe